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Logic and baseball

I'm baaaaccck! Yep, sorry about the lack of communication BUT I did not bring my laptop AND I stayed two extra days in Texas.

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Really? Yep....

Fade to black.......

On Thursday, I prepared to fly to Houston, watch Friday's game and come home on Saturday because logic of all logics....the big guy would enter the game when things got rocky to save it. It was logical and made sense. Did it happen? Hmmmm....no......

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The team that they played was nationally ranked. Logic would reason that a team from the northeast that was rebuilding would try to work out the kinks with schools that have comparable skill sets. This way, the players would compete at their own levels and gain experience and confidence.

Once again, logic was not part of this plan. Nope, no logic.

And so, I landed in Houston and drove to the middle of no-where Texas where a big name school was hosting our little band of pale misfits. OK, I am wrong. They are not misfits, but they are pale since they have not seen the sun since October.

The drive was about 90 minutes via a super highway with the location in the middle of the state. I did not have the planned Prius but a large black jeep. Yep, I did not have the perfunctory pick up truck but I came pretty close with the jeep.  So, it was me and the jeep...the jeep and me.....Whatever, looking for the university in the middle of no where when the signs appeared and the jeep and I followed them. Mind you, I did not have any Skittles or Swedish fish since I have started Weight Watchers again.

Ok, I drove to the hotel and caught the big kid as the guys were entering the bus. I got a big greeting and hug and sent him to do battle.

Once I checked in, the jeep and I rolled to the baseball facilities. OK gang, this is where big time baseball lives. First, I had to pay $5.00 for parking. I would have thought that I was paying to go to a Phillies game but parking there costs $15.00. After paying the rate, I walked to the stadium to buy a ticket thinking that there was no way that he would remember to leave a ticket for me. I was shocked when I was asked to pay $15.00 for a college baseball ticket. Seriously? Fifteen dollars? Where am I, Yankee Stadium? Whatever, the credit card came out and was swiped in seconds. Whew, glad that it still works.

On to the field.....the stadium was packed with students and alumni. I sat behind the dugout and watched the game.....the night was cool and I was appropriately dressed until a cold Canadian wind found itself to the field and I began to freeze. Nevertheless, I was not going to leave until my kid pitched. As I saw it, he should enter the game after the 4th inning.........boy was I wrong.....

The starter won the job when the big lefty went down with his elbow injury. I figured (again with logic) that this would be his only start and the lefty would enter the game when it got out of hand. After all, he could not start since his elbow was just starting to feel better.

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The pitcher is one of the big lefty's friends and a nice guy. I only wish success for any of these kids. Sadly, he lasted three + innings and was removed. While he pitched, he threw low to mid 80's while the starter on the Texas team threw 95-97 consistently. I knew that the team was outmatched before the start of the game and was there to witness that it looked clearly like the Bad News Bears versus the Red Sox. The man behind me chuckled when he saw the velocity of our pitcher. it was apparent that this game was over before it started.

As the opposing team made our kids look like little leaguers, I began to get a bit miffed with some of the scoreboard's antics as each player struck out. If I was a fan (which I am now) I would have loved it. As the pitcher struck each batter out, the scoreboard would show the old television show opening from the Rifleman.

They played the Rifleman over and over and over and over and over and over this weekend......

Back to the game, the relief pitcher to stop a rally was not the tall lefty but a sophomore. OK, I get it....he's in trouble....on to the lefty.....no? A freshman? Really? He's putting a freshman into a game against a nationally ranked team...right out of high school? When that didn't work, I knew that the big guy's number was going to be called....nope...a sophomore.....nope....a freshman.....OK, game over. I am out to buy a pizza for dinner.

No, the kid did not play. The team was slaughtered like Crockett and Bowie at the Alamo or somewhere like that. Perhaps the Czar is waiting until Saturday That does mess up my plans to return home and since I did not pack for three days since my sense of logic told me that he would play on Friday night, I began to worry as the northeast was hit by a snowstorm......More about that later.....

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The kid knocked on my door after the game and had his backpack. Going somewhere?

"No, I have my equipment and no one can see me work out since  I am banned from doing these exercises. But, did you notice that the pitchers on the opposing team's velocity? Pitching doctor."

yep, I could see the difference in throws and technique. This opposing team had a different form and therefore had the velocity...hence the Rifleman.....

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While I munched on pizza, he performed the banned exercises. When I tell you that these exercises are nothing to worry about, I mean it. I cannot believe that the coaches would not let these kids do these stretches. All he does is add weight to his wrists and stretches his shoulders. That's it. Why this has been banned is beyond me. Except, perhaps there is some narrow minded arrogance as the trainers and coaches think that they have all of the answers. If this is the case, I will ask them about curing cancer and global warming.

On to Saturday....I met with the kid after breakfast since he has to eat with the team. After he left, I walked down the hall and bumped into.....yep...it was him....the Czar...he makes eye contact...I make eye contact.....

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He says 'hello'

I say "hello' and then I did it.....

"Hello, Coach, I am the big lefty's mother. it is nice to meet you finally."

"He's a great kid. A great guy."

"Yes, I think so too. Interesting game yesterday. I am glad that the guys did not quit......BS.....BS...BS....How is your family? BS......good luck today....BS....."

"Thank you....."

Hmmmm.....he seemed like a nice guy but so did Jim Jones before he gave his followers Kool Aid.

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After an hour, I left for the game....and it was more of the same.

This time, I had BD to text and chat with as I sat in the sun watching and waiting....waiting...another freshman.....Rifleman........more runs.....errors.....sophomore.....who is this pitcher? Never saw this guy before. All of them had the same velocity...low 80's. The opposing team made contact and one pitch landed was hit so hard that it landed in Dallas.

After this game, the kid worked out in my room again, showered, and had dinner....then he was gone.....

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All I could say to him was "your time will come."

But would it? At this point, I did not want him to pitch against this team since he had been on the bench breathing and rehabbing for several weeks. I did not want to see him punched around like the others. I silently prayed "Dear God, let him stay on the bench and play next week."

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Uh huh....God certainly answered my prayer.....in His own way....

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On to Sunday....it was bitter cold. My hands, feet, and body were shaking uncontrollably, but I stayed until the end of the game in case the kid was put in.....

And then it happened......the starter did fairly well and lasted a few innings....another freshman...senior....Rifleman......junior....it was now 20 degrees with the wind chill and I was standing in the bathroom shaking hoping that the game would be over when I heard the announcer on the radio (game is piped into the bathrooms) announce that the team had a left hander in the bullpen warming up. Oh jeez, it is the bottom of the 8th inning....Crud...double crud...triple crud....I knew that it was him.....

I ran back to my seat and shook as he warmed up. Looking good...but now it is raining....windy....freezing....he is getting over an injury....there is one out and THE BASES ARE LOADED with an All American player coming to the plate. So, who goes into the game? Yeah...that's right, Bullpen mom's kid.....

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Quick...photos with the cell phone....rosary out....pray...photo....watch....swallow vomit in my mouth.....

First throw-ball 1 (more vomit)

Second throw-strike 1 (breathe....ma....breathe)

Third throw....Fouled off.....(one more strike.....one more strike.....)

Fourth throw.....the kid hits it......to the short stop....steps on 2nd base and throws it to first. The batter is safe by a fraction. A run scores, but the bases had been loaded. He technically got a double play hit but the ball was hit too softly for the shortstop to get it to first on time.


We were cruising. He needed one more out....but guess what...no logic...the Czar took him out of the game for a right hander who happened to get the final out. Really.....

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I watched three games in Texas and my son went in the 8th inning and threw 5 balls.  He hit 89 with little to no effort.....That's it, folks.

After he was pulled out the of game, I walked to the jeep to travel to Houston's airport. As I left at the top of the 9th inning, I could hear more of the Rifleman in the background.....
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And so, I traveled to Texas, stayed until Monday due to weather cancellations, and saw my son throw 5 pitches.  Would I do it again? Sure, let's start with next weekend.
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'nuff said.....


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