Monday, February 9, 2015

Room 232

You is certainly unpredictable. Yeah, yeah, we have heard that stupid platitude before....Tell us something new....You want new?

You can't handle new!

This post will be done in two or three sections over the next 24 hours. Let me begin:

Monday 3 hours after morning post

It's a crummy soggy day and the forecast is for freezing rain. I don't care much. I have a three pm meeting that will be canceled if the boss doesn't like the driving conditions. Nice, eh?

So, I go through my Monday routine....wash sheets and towels.....a little tennis with the girls....train the pups (right, who trains who?)...hit the stores for the week's groceries....figure out the dinners....get some work done...weekend emails.....and so on....oh yeah...gotta work, too.....then I get the call....

"This is it. I am cracking up. My life and career are over. I can't take it anymore."

Hmmm. No one likes a call like this especially when it is from your big strong son who can conquer all sorts of challenges and learn from them. He is one heck of a guy who only wants to play baseball. That's it. It is so simple, yet complicated.

"Mom, I dropped from the top to the bottom of the depth chart. I am the last man out of the bullpen again. I can't take it."

He sounded so sad and despondent, I knew that I had to act.

"I'll see you in three hours."

Then I hit the ground running.....took a quick shower, packed some underwear (I hope), my laptop, and turned off the dryer with the wet sheets and towels in it. I then pointed the car north and rushed to the turnpike.....

First, I had to stop at a Verizon store because the cell phone was not working....oh yeah....needed a Starbucks and Skittles....look at what stress does to a person!

Back to the highway, the rain started to fall. It was not freezing yet so I said a quick prayer to keep the Silver Bullet (my car) from sliding down the mountain.

I was halfway to campus when the ice began to hit the car....OK, BPM, make a have to take the road slowly....stay somewhat close to traffic in case the Bullet slides off the highway....this way, someone can call the highway patrol. I had a vision of flipping and no one finding me for days.

Although, I knew that I would survive because I had a banana and blanket in the back of the car. I also had a fully charged laptop and could get some work done while waiting for a rescue. I was prepared for anything....Oh yeah, the woman in the Verizon store fixed my phone with the handy 'master reset' button.

Traffic was light until I got to the top of the mountain. Sheesh! It was a white out. I could not see 6 feet in front of me. OK, pray, big girl...pray.....

Finally, I am on campus and he cannot see me yet. What's a momma to do when she cannot check into the Hampton Inn? How about retail therapy? Yep. I hit a strip mall and pulled out the credit card. While I was in Talbots (60% off lowest price....decent stuff), I met the clerk who was a senior at the university. She was tall and very pretty. At least, I thought so.

I made another executive decision. The big lefty was coming to Talbots to meet me. I grabbed a handful of slacks and walked to the fitting room and said to the pretty clerk: "If you see a tall good looking baseball player, please talk to him. I may be a few minutes..." Wink....wink....what the heck! Have I lost my mind? Don't answer, please....

It was my half baked mind that conjured up a very lame plan to have the two meet and possibly be struck by Cupid's arrow. He would forget about his elbow as he chatted with Talbots girl...and I could stop worrying about him for five minutes. Sadly, there were no sparks....crud....double crud....

Back to the story....when I struck out at uniting a very striking couple, I went to plan B. I'll meet you at the Hampton Inn after practice and will take you to dinner. We will work out the angst and anxiety and bring back some order to your chaos. Drinking will definitely be involved...

And here I am...In room 232 of the Hampton Inn with the remnants of my late lunch and a view of the highway.....and dirty snow....and sleet.....waiting for the big kid to arrive...

Although, before I sign out for today, I met the nicest clerk at the desk...she is a senior majoring in political science. I asked her to send a tall, handsome baseball player to my room when he arrives. She promised that she would. She seems like a nice girl...steady job....piercing blue eyes....What the heck am I doing? I guess desperation call for desperate measures and I am not sure that even I, Bullpen mom, can figure out a solution to this sad problem. It's more than a boo boo on the knee. More than a cut finger......lousy grade....terrible hair cut....This problem has to do with a planned future.

This guy has worked tirelessly, all of his life to prove his worth.When he is finally at the top and ready...something bad happens. In this case, he thinks that he tore something in his elbow.

My response has always been "Whenever something great is going to happen, something bad happens first."

I know that this sounds crazy, but I am old enough to read life's patterns. If he can overcome this last hurdle, there will be no stopping him. Now, how do I convince him? I first must stop trying to fix him up with every girl I meet. What is wrong with me? Oye!

Ok, got to answer the work emails....


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