Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day: Another Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, it is the holiday when people all over the world buy roses, candy, and cards. It has turned into a buy at all expense day and if you do not receive something, then there is something wrong.

With that said, when I was younger, it was a big deal. I had to have it all to feel like I was worthy. Why? "cause someone on television made this into something more than it is. St. Valentine is not all about hearts and flowers. He was a martyr and saint and therefore should be honored through imitation rather than taking out the Visa card and buying flowers that die in days. BP Grandpop says: "Give me flowers now, not when I am dead."

Yeah. He's right. Why should I receive flowers on one day only? Why can't I get them on a random hot August day? What about Arbor Day? Give me a tree! July 4th? March 13? After I have a rotten day? After I have a good day?

That would be a demonstration of love. If the family saves their "I love yous" for February 14th, then there is a problem...a real problem....Therefore....

I have banned Valentines Day. That is correct. Do not buy me flowers. I do not want a Hallmark card nor do I want a box of candy. Nope.

I told dad not to buy anything and to make a card for me. He agreed which got him off the hook to drive by a supermarket and grab whatever is leftover at 6pm. To me, that does not say "love you." No, it says..."I was busy and did not forget that it was Valentine's Day."

Granted in college and as a young adult, I would have gone into divorce court if I did not receive the goodies.

At work, the chat would center around 'what did you get for the 14th?'  Now, I sit back, listen, and clearly say 'nothing' and smile.

Currently, I am waiting to see what kind of homemade card I receive as I have  already made mine...I even cut out red construction paper in the shape of a heart and used glue to paste it onto another piece of cardboard. No glitter...a nice note.....that's it.

I did get the kids something because I do not want them to have to abide by my philosophy of VD being a phony holiday. Let them make their own minds up about it. With Lil A and the big lefty here, I have selected some meaningful gifts.

For Tink....a DVD.....

For Lil A.....a cute teddy bear....

For the big guy....two 6 packs of toilet paper :-)

As far as yesterday's game is concerned, the team lost by 1 point...pretty good....but gave up 16 runs.....can anyone say "pitching?"  Can anyone say: "We NEED the big lefty?" Uh huh

Uh huh

Happy Valentine's Day!


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