Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Prius and no plan

Good morning! It's a bit of an early morning since the pups needed to be walked before the crack of dawn. Usually, my neighbor who leaves at 6:30 am wakes me with the roaring of his range rover, but today....the little girl whined until I gave in. Oh well. I am glad to get early starts these days.

With that said, the big kid is headed to Texas and guess where momma is going? That's right. I will be taking an early flight to Houston then will drive 2 hours to the games. I asked for a Prius as a rental. I am not sure why I want the Prius, but it seems that the great state of Texas warrants a car with excellent gas mileage. If you have ever been there,  you know that there are miles and miles of roads before a person sees anything more than cows and ranches. A Prius would be perfect.

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Yep, luggage....lucky sneakers....rosary.....cell phone....and the open road. No Skittles.

Yes, you read this correctly. I said: No Skittles.

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I promised the Beast that I would never eat Skittles again after I had such a drop in blood sugar during a tennis match. I could barely move after consuming a bag before the match, and vowed that Skittles were on the list of things that I would never eat along with liver, pate, lima beans, and chick peas.

Have I lost my mind?

Naw, I am still a great fan of Starbucks. The question is whether there is a Starbucks along the highway in Texas. One would think that all you have to do is turn your head and you see a Starbucks. But this is not true. For example, along I 95 as you drive through North and South Carolina, there are no Starbucks signs. If I get off on an exit to find one, I could be driving miles out of my way. Therefore, I need a plan.

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That's right. A of this moment. I don't have one. In fact, tomorrow seems so far away, that I will think of my plan in the airplane as I ponder how to keep the brain cells active as I try to find the stadium in the middle of No-where Texas.

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And so, as I work on a realistic plan, I will be sure to share it with you...when I figure it out...sometime the next 24 hours.

As far as the big lefty is concerned, he will be coming out of the bullpen. Yes, I said 'bullpen'. He is not ready to start after his injury, therefore I will be back to square one. That is...waiting....waiting...waiting...until his number is him warm taken over....If he pitches on Friday night, I will be back home on Saturday. This would be ideal since I have memories of sitting in the stands watching three games over three days waiting to see the guy pitch. Sometimes he got in. Other times, he would get into the game during the last game in the last inning. Sheesh. Should I tell the Czar that I would like a Friday night save?

Aw, he does not care what I think. All I know is that this team is in the top 20 in the country. Our team should be in the bottom 20 in the country (recruiting to a cold mountain town is difficult even with beautiful facilities). The early pundits placed his team at the bottom of the conference standings. Oh joy, no one is too optimistic about this year....and so it goes....

Oh, the ups and downs of BP mom. 


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