Friday, February 13, 2015

Opening pitch

Good morning! It is getting colder and colder here. Spring cannot be far away....I am thinking positively.

The latest news is that I hired the General Patton of the dog world to make a house visit to break these pups (in a manner of speaking). She was a no nonsense 'dog person'. Those of you who know what dog people are like....she personified it.

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She looked around....met the pups....assessed the environment...measured Tink and me up for potential....Then she asked a million questions. Every time that I answered, I knew that she was thinking...'idiot...out of her league...what a dope....who gave her a dog let alone two....hopeless....hapless....impossible situation....'

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Based upon her inquisition, I felt that I was not doing anything right. Although, once I answered a question correctly, Patton looked at me with surprise. I guess I am not the total screw up that she felt that I was. I have hidden potential. That's right. Potential. I can and will house train these dogs. They will sit when I command and come when I call. Yep. They are going to be good little soldiers. Right? Uh nope. Today, they were chasing each other. The male can jump on the sofa, so he lands on my lap. The girl started to bark to get at her brother when it happened....

What happened? Well, this has never happened to me before...but I was shocked when it did.

She bit my bottom.

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That's right. She bared her newly straightened teeth and accidentally took a mini chunk out of my butt.

You know what?

It hurt and still hurts....not like a bullet wound or an abscessed tooth....or root canal...or labor and delivery of a 9+ pound big headed boy....but it smarts a bit.....I have little Maltese teeth marks on my left cheek right above my thigh. Sitting on it, I can feel something there and it is not a good feeling. She did not do it on purpose. In fact, she was playing and trying to get her brother off the sofa. But, you can imagine my surprise when I felt the teeth enter into the doughiest part of my body. Thank goodness for the extra pounds. Yep, this is where they come in handy. Maybe I will keep them...not! By the way, I am not going to turn her into General Patton. Patton wants me to keep a journal about the pups. There is no way that I am going to report the little playful pup, although, I may mention that she has a tendency to nip when someone is in the way of her playing with her brother....

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On to the weekend....the first pitch will be thrown today at 4pm. A senior (who is on the poster) will be on the mound. Tomorrow holds a double header. Two freshmen recruited by the Czar will pitch. That's right. Frosh...straight out of high school...away from home for the first time will pitch the opening games.

If they lose, the Czar will hold practice on Sunday morning after they return to campus. Since they are being bused to NC, the estimated time of arrival on campus is 3 am. Therefore, they will gather for practice 7ish. Nice.

Are they going to lose?

Maybe....maybe not....



Although, who am I? What do I know? They have the best trainers and coaches in the country. These guys are mentally tough. Anything can happen...yet....

As a baseball mom, I have an inside knowledge of the game and the mindset of players AND I can evaluate someone's abilities. Yes, this is a gift. No, my analysis comes from experience and studying the game as well as being a former D1 athlete. I have been there and know that it will be rocky this weekend.

I wish them luck and success. My boy is headed home to see Yoda, but will turn the car around tomorrow to return to campus for Sunday morning practice. He knows that there will be blood shed in NC and wishes to the Good Lord that he was there to help his team. But once Yoda confirms that his elbow is ready to throw, the big guy will be back on the mound, because I predict that the freshmen will fold not because of the lack of skill but because they have no idea what it is like to play in a high stakes division 1 baseball game.

And with that, I am off to pick up Lil A who will be spending the weekend with us as her pop, Uncle Dr G goes on retreat with BP grandpop and Betty. By the way, at 88 years old, BP Grandpop has made 70+ consecutive retreats only missing one or two due to illness. He and BP Grandmom are our prayer warriors.

It will be nice to have a house full of laughter this weekend.


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