Saturday, February 7, 2015

Searing pain

Good early sleep last night....Too worried....Huh?

That's right...worried....

The post scrimmage call came around 10 pm, so there was no middle of the night report. On the line, I could hear a very despondent person as he described the events of the evening. I heard a sadness that I have not heard in years. I was worried.

As you know, the coaching staff does not follow  evidence based practice models and makes their own rules about training not based on data nor evidence that it works. They have placed their trust in a 25 year old trainer whom they claim is "the best in the country." Really, the best? Then why is he housed in a small mountain town in the northeast and not at a bigger acclaimed university. Has he done any research? Written any books? Articles? Presented a paper at an international conference? No? Hmmmm.... His claim to fame has been an internship with a major league base ball team. Even I can see through this #@*^(

Anyway, the Czar also decided that after week one's stellar performance, he would change the pitcher's shoulder and move it. "If you move that shoulder, I will take you out of the game." Then he proceeded to be pounded by a mediocre team. Yes, this guy knows his baseball....

On to this morning at 2 am, the big kid called with news that his arm is dead and something bad is going on. Dad spoke to him and calmed him down. Nevertheless, I was not asleep and could hear the entire conversation.

now it is 5:10 am, "Mom, I think that my elbow is torn. I blew it out. I am pretty sure that this it it."

Huh? What? How do you know?

"I have never had a pain like this before. It is searing. And I cannot move my arm."

Clearly something is up, right?

OK, go to the trainer as soon as possible to have it examined, then call me.

"I'll give him a few hours, because he is grumpy in the morning."

Grumpy? The trainer is 'grumpy' in the morning and he cannot approach him with an injury.

Did he say 'grumpy???!'

Does he want 'grumpy' from me or should we 'unleash the beast?' 'Cause let me tell you, all I can do is restrain myself right now, because the Czar told him that the pain is in his 'head.' Right, the pain receptors travel to the central processing unit known as the 'brain' that analyzes data presented and tells the body that there is indeed something wrong. So, in a way, it is in his head.....

I texted him at 5:30 to tell him that I was on my way to campus and there would be some bodies strewn along the locker room as I storm through, but he begged me not to. "Mom, if you come, it means that I am really done. I don't want to think that way. Once I see the trainer, I will call you."

Ok, but the car keys are in my hand and I have had my coffee and if you think that the trainer is 'grumpy', you have not seen anything yet.

I may present as mild mannered, dim, and aloof, but this is far from the truth. I save my passion for the things that count, which are family, friends, my work, and the downtrodden. And now, family is synonymous with downtrodden and I will not let this continue.

This coach has been a bully since he got to town. He is out of his league and therefore focuses not on fundamentals and technique but the mental game. Dude, if they had the fundamentals down, they would have the mind to defeat anyone that stood in their way. In other words, without skill and technique, no one wins...even if he is a shark. A shark needs to bite his victims using the proper technique too or the victim swims away unscathed with just a few scratches. In other words, technique is essential for any athlete or fish.

As it stands now (6:30 am), I am going to head for the gym to work out my anger. I expect a call from the kid around 8 am. If the trainer feels that he needs more diagnostics, then I will set up an Xray and MRI at home. We trusted these quacks and this is what happens. If the Czar explodes, then he will witness something that he has never seen before and that is my wrath. That's right. When I want to be, I will be in his face with my neck veins distended bringing him to a big ball of sweat as he wets his pants and leaves a puddle on the floor in front of his bullied victims.

This is it, folks. If my boy is damaged by their state of the art training and facilities, I will publish this book, hire Sandra Bullock to take it on the movie, then expose every NCAA and FERPA violation as I chat with George, wait....Bill O'Reilly....yeah. O'Reilly....I won't need to do anything, I'll let O' wait...Geraldo....he's a lawyer too....although he is really odd in Celebrity Apprentice. He'll win because I think that Trump is afraid of him.

I am rambling....on to the gym to work off this tension.....


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