Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's a snow day for most of the kids in the area. The plow came and covered my mailbox with snow and ice. Knowing that the postman only rings once, I started to dig it out in order to get my box full of bills. Then it occurred to me.....yes, I had a cogent train of thoughts....

Hey, I pay taxes. yes, I do. I have the receipts to verify that I did not bounce the checks. So, why am I paying the snow plow to bury the mailbox? Why am I digging it out? You see where I am going with this thought? So, I took a photo and emailed it to the township. Within minutes, the plow was back to uncover the mailbox. Should I be paranoid since my mailbox is the only one in the neighborhood that is buried with snow on a consistent basis? Maybe....

On to baseball.....

I am still not sure whether the big lefty is headed to Texas. When asked about his arm, he said that it feels good and that he threw yesterday. "For a guy who has not thrown in over ten days, I did 'OK'."

Is "OK" good enough to travel? Your answer is as good as mine. SO, I am holding off on buying a ticket until further notice. The last place that I want to be is in Texas (no offense) if my child is not there.

He texted me this morning and told me that the Czar called him a "dips__t". He wanted to know if it was a term of endearment in the Czar's family. My thought is that it is an expression of love and devotion...which leads me to ponder....

Is it bullying? Is it guy-stuff? Do guys and coaches talk like this in the locker room? Is this a normal practice? Is it cool to call each other these types of names? After all, my son was taught to curse in a sentence in Catholic school by his football coach. Before he played football, these four letter words were just....four letter words. The coach in all of his wisdom taught the guys how to use them in a sentence. Did he also teach them how to diagram these sentences? Are these four letter words noun, verbs, or adjectives? Should we explore this or let it go......Alright, let's let it go....

Questions to be answered in the next 24 hours:

  1. How is the elbow?
  2. How is the arm?
  3. Velocity?
  4. Location?
  5. Got a plane ticket?
  6. Still a dips___t?
Time to hit the gym.

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