Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Time to listen

Good morning! Freezing...frigid....cold....very cold...

Happy Birthday to BD! She is an amazing and accomplished woman and I am thrilled is part of the family. Enjoy the day, BD. You are awesome!

On to the big lefty....yesterday, the Czar held practice, which is illegal. Per NCAA rules, there must be one day a week when the team does not practice. This is generally a Monday. However, no one ever said that this team would abide by rules and regulations. Therefore, they had practice.

My only phone call was to report a new policy. If any pitcher walks two batters in a row, he is immediately taken out. That's it in black and white. There is no room for an umpire's bad call or squeeze. Two walks....and as the umpire would scream "You're out!"


let's ruminate about this policy.......

Does any pitcher walk to the mound and say "Hey, I am going to throw balls and not strikes?"

Answer: Unless he is a head case, the answer in 'no.'

Ok then....why place additional pressure on the guy who holds the ball? Isn't there enough pressure?

My response was sub therapeutic...."This is what you deal with on a daily basis. You know it. You have to figure out how to get through or around them. And you only have four months left of this zoo. So, enjoy the guys."

Not the best maternal response or advice, but on a scale of 1 to Fresno, I give it a 3.

Let's face it. He is not calling home for advice.  he does not take my advice when I counsel him about colds and the flu. He virtually ignores me when I tell him that the car needs an oil change or Ketchup is not a vegetable or fruit therefore he needs to supplement his diet. He lost his hearing when I begged him to retrieve the sofa before his lease ran out. Yep, it doesn't really matter what I say.

What does matter is that I am available to listen. That's my role. Listen. Don't judge. be sympathetic. Be the voice of reason. Ask him about his diet and classes. That's it. My role has dwindled from complete care as an infant to making his fluffernutter for lunch each day to car pools, and driving him up and down the east coast. Now, I listen.

I can do this....although listening is a verb and requires attention. Therefore, when he is ranting about something, I have to place the phone receiver by my ear and actively listen. if he actually wants advice, he will ask me for it.

With that said, I gotta run....


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