Thursday, February 5, 2015

I am afraid of....

Snow...yuk...'nuff said.

Yesterday, the little girl pup had some teeth removed since she did not lose her baby teeth and had her adult teeth coming through the gums. Is this a bad thing? Apparently, if you go online and google it...yes, this is not good for the dog. The poor pup would have an abnormal bite, pain while chewing, or crooked teeth. Tooth decay can set in, so she had two teeth removed for a price $$$$$$$$.....If I refused to have the teeth removed, she may have needed braces. That's right. I wrote "BRACES".

Dog fix her bite...Really? Braces? As John Pinette would have said: "I say 'any nay'."

Yet, if little girl needed doggie braces, she would get them. Now, when dad saw the bill for teeth extraction, anesthesia, intravenous fluids, vet bill, and so on, I thought that I was going to have to revive him. It was not a pretty scene in the kitchen as he read the invoice.

 Although, the puppies looked up at him during his rant and turned their heads as if to say: "I hear ya, dude. We are expensive, but lovable. Right? It's not our fault that our teeth are a mess...blame our parents!"

Whew....glad that is over.

I did not hear from the big lefty yesterday. Although he sent a text to me this morning: "Coach wants us to share our greatest fears. I am thinking about spiders and people's knees."

I get the spider fear. I am not a big fan of the 8 legged creatures. In fact, if I was Noah and brought the animals and bugs onto the ark, I believe that the spiders would have been left off the ship unless they promised not to 'bug me.'

With that said, I remember last year when the Czar asked the guys to reveal their deepest fears, he used them against each guy when he "Fresnoed" them. Therefore, we have to think clearly about what to reveal. Knowing that this private information will be shared in a rant as he berates the guy in front of the team, I told the big kid to tell the Czar that he was afraid that he would not get into law school.....this is an actual fear, 'cause the grades are borderline (as seen on the locker room blackboard) and he has not studied for nor taken the LSATs. Therefore, his fear is real. No law school will take this guy unless he fully completes the application process.

If the Czar wants to use this knowledge to humiliate and motivate him in the future, so be it. Leave out the private stuff and go after something he really does not care law school! I know that this has been a rouse for the past few years. He has been saying that he wanted law school to keep me from asking him about the future. I get it. leave me alone, mom.

Message received.

With that said, I have to get to the gym before I change my mind.


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