Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Perfect Doggone

Good morning! We beat the snow and I could NOT be happier...although the pups like to eat the ice. OYE! That's right. They run out, do their business, then eat the ice as a snack. Low calories, no fat...just a little fiber from the grass and trees...

These pups are too funny and bad...really bad...when I say 'bad', I mean not very good. So, I have made another executive decision, the Perfect Dog video goes back and I get a refund. We cannot get past command 1. How am I going to get through the next 49 without mastering the first?

And so, I pulled out the packet of information given to me by the vet. On the paper, there is a list of 8 training experts. The last expert is an animal behavioral psychologist with a Ph.d. Do I dare? Should I call her? Am I that bad off? Or should I continue to pattern the behavior by rewarding good deeds and scolding for bad deeds?

After reading two books on dog training and viewing the perfect dog DVDs, I am more confused than ever....Here's the conflicting information:

  • If the dog has an accident in the house, do not raise your voice because you will embarrass them and they will hide their elimination somewhere you cannot see it.
  • Another books says that dogs no not have feelings, just reactions, so scolding is OK.
  • Do not use the crate for punishment.
  • Use the crate for punishment
  • Take the dog out every 15 minutes.
  • Take the dog out when you you let them out of the crate
  • The dog will not piddle or poo in their crate (did someone want to share this one with the Terrible Two?)
  • use a harness
  • don't use a harness
  • Use a choke collar
  • Do not use a choke collar
  • fasten their leash onto your pants when they are out of the crate
  • allow them to run around when they are out of the crate
  • use treats to reward good behavior
  • no not use treats to reward good behavior
  • put a coat on the dog
  • don't put a coat on the dog

Now can you see the confusion? Yep.....And so, I am going to call the doggie behaviorist, send the perfect dog back through the imperfect mail,  and begin the process again. Why am I so fixated on their behavior?

Well, these pups are pretty cool. They are close to being darn perfect companions, so I want to begin to relax and allow them out of their crates and full movement throughout the house. But I cannot do it until they have the basics mastered. 'Nuff said....

Although....we had a bit of an issue with the groomer. I may have posted in the past that we had to bring the dogs to this groomer to be interviewed. Yep, he would not trim them unless they passed a test. And so, Tink and I took the pups to the uber groomer who is nationally known and ranked in the top ten (who does this?). After holding our breath, the groomer took on the twins. Yahoo.

May I say that I now see how he is so well known? His work is impeccable. As I compared his grooming with Diva's trips to Pet Smart, there is absolutely no comparison. It is like comparing fine champagne (which I never had) to boxed wine (which I have had). I am now sure that I have champagne tastes.

Back to the groomer...he's a bit of a hermit and odd little guy who smokes and has trouble breathing. When I called him yesterday to establish a time to bring the pups in today to be trimmed (and they really need it),  he said that he had pneumonia, needed surgery, and was on his way to the hospital. OH NO! Not my little hermit!

I truly hopes that he makes it through his health battles. He may be a little odd, but he is my  little odd, get better soon!

Looking at the puppies, their hair is so long that they cannot see out their eyes. They really needed a trim today. The last time that I trimmed the male's hair, my hermit got angry with me and told me to put down the scissors, so I don't dare pick them up. However, with his debilitating illness, he won't be able to trim the pups for another few weeks.

I don't want to appear petty and find someone else, but I have to. The vet said that the hair can damage their eyes. So, I have several options.
  1. Go back to petSmart
  2. Go to another groomer on the list who needs the pups to have more shots before she will see them
  3. call the 2nd groomer who lives an hour away from the house to trim the pups
  4. Call the mobile groomer who gave Diva her last hair cut then proceeded to give himself a $20 tip for stopping in my driveway, using my water, and trimming a 5 pound dog for 5 minutes. 
Options 1,2 and 4 were eliminated.

I called option  3. She cannot see the hairy pups until March 3. That's right. She is so booked, that she cannot see them for another 6 weeks.

This is madness! Let's do BP mom math....she sees 8 dogs/ her home studio....charges minimum of $75/dog.....5 times 8 carry the four....subtract 3.....divide 2.....

OK, I am going into a new line of grooming!

With that said, I am off to work, which has nothing to do with scissors.


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