Monday, January 19, 2015

Uh oh

Another quick post since I have tennis this morning and have to straighten the house before the cleaning ladies show up. That's right. I clean before they clean. Give me a break. They already know that I am a slob. No need to  confirm it on their facebook pages as they take selfies in front of my dirt.

On to big lefty....yesterday, he was busted in the locker room by a team mate. The entire team knows that he has been banned from his Pitching Doc work outs. They know that he will be punted into the outfield by the Czar as he is cut from the team. Yet, he continues to do what he thinks is right in a clandestine manner.

Therefore, on a Sunday night, the evening before a day off, he walked into the locker room thinking that no one else would show up. As his stuff was on the floor, the team mate walked in and started an inquisition like CSI university.....

When the big guy denied everything, the team mate looked at him square in the eye and said: "I know what you are doing...the Texas stuff...I don't care...but I know...there is no way that you could go from 85 mph to 90 without doing this....get rid of the stuff, some of the coaches are on their way in...."

Whew. This guy has the lefty's back and will not say anything. He will keep his mouth shut. His parting words were: "I won't say a word, since I prefer you pitching at 90 than 85." And he departed.

OK, this was a close one. Other guys would have turned him in. Others would have wanted to join him. But he cannot run the risk, therefore, he says nothing and has been discrete for the past two years. On Saturday, he threw 75 pitches and his arm remained strong without pain whereas the other pitchers are either shut down or icing. Hawk has been shut down for 'tendonitis'. You remember tendonitis, right? When the big kid was shut down for it by team doctors, it turned out to be something much worse and therefore he needed surgery.

This poses another dilemma. He knows that the docs have been wrong with their diagnoses. They make them without X-Rays or MRIs based upon physical findings. if they are going to shut a guy down, then take him to the MRI machine and get a definitive diagnosis. We know this because we lived it. I was not satisfied with the team docs, so we went on our own for answers and got Delaware and Florida.

And so, we creep toward the start of the season on Valentine's Day weekend. This should be an interesting year. Got to get the car checked out for my road trips. Gotta run...


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