Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Perfect Dog Day 1

Good morning! What a beautiful day in the northeast. There is no ice on the road unlike the past few mornings. In other words, it is safe to go out today without sliding down the side walk.

It is particularly important for us that the weather is good because today begins the first day of the Perfect Dog Training. That's right. I did not hire Cesar Milan the dog whisperer. I bought the Perfect Dog video with accessories. The guy in the video guarantees success or my money back ($100.00). As I watched the infomercial (don't judge me...you can mock me, though), I was amazed at the success of the training, so naturally, I bought it.

It arrived this weekend and I opened the box. That was phase 1. Then I looked at the DVD case....reading it....I began to perspire.....6 hours of dog training video to watch before beginning the process. Huh? Six hours? What about my ADD? OK, I don't have ADD but I do have a short attention span and like to move on to different things during the day. To sit before my computer for 6+ hours seems like torture to me. Perhaps this is part of the owner's training....If I can make it through the training, then I will not stop until the dogs are 'perfect'.

And so, on Sunday, I took the wrapper off the DVD. Another goal accomplished. As I peered into the opened case, I could see two DVDs. Ok, maybe this is why the training is $100.00. Two videos seem like they might be worth the expenses.

On to Monday, after work, Tink and I sat down to watch some of the videos. After seeing that the training has over fifty commands, I made an executive decision to watch the first three commands. Although during the introduction, the trainer mentioned that training should begin when the dogs are three months old. Oops.....Yet, he also said not to worry because a person can teach old dogs new tricks. Fine, I will go with that notion.

My goals are as such:
1. They are not allowed to whine and bark like Diva did. My beloved Diva was a diva and considered herself the pack leader. This was definitely our fault.
2. The entire family knows the program and abides by the process of training or be banished from hanging out with the pups.
3. They must be housebroken.

Aside from these goals, I can eliminate the other 47 commands on the video such as safe boating, safe hiking, neutering, and sharing bones. I am fine with not sharing the bones. Unlike the dogs, I don't want to chew on hard substances since they break my teeth.

And so, the goals for today will be to sit, down, and stay. If last night's behavior is indicative of how successful we are going to be, then I am doomed. The little girl kept jumping out of the play pen, so I placed her into the crate. For the next hour, she howled and cried. Was I affected? Sure. But if I want the Perfect Dog, I cannot give in to her need to be the pack leader. After all, according to the expert, the dogs don't want to be the pack leaders. They want us to assume that responsibility. Hmmmm....OK, got it....I am the pack leader...I am the pack leader....I am the pack leader....Sheesh....it seems like I am being patterned as opposed to the dogs. I wonder if this is the goal. Perhaps we change our behaviors and the dogs change theirs.

Maybe I figured it out. Maybe not. But I am ready. So are the dogs. They seem content in waking me up before sunrise every day. Let's squash that one and make that goal four for the day.

Off to watch commands 1-3 again. This time I will take notes.


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