Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Snow! Go away! Doesn't Mother Nature know that we are trying to get ready for baseball? Actually, we are pretty lucky here. We missed out of the fun that is going on in New England. Sorry, gang....but I can see the grass from my office desk and am not in a panic at all. In fact, I am going to head out to the gym in a few minutes.

How is preparation for the season going? Well, as always, there is never a dull moment. As regular readers know, I am missing my first and possibly last first pitch dinner. Here is where the team is introduced and the coaches say hello...and hello...and hello some more.....Banquets...long, boring speeches....I love them. Sadly, this year, the team put the dinner together at the last minute and I am already booked.

It also means that I will not be the first in line for the 2015 poster that has the seniors photos in action on it. Therefore, I said to the big kid: "Can you grab 10 posters for me?" Let's see I need one for BP Grandmom, the house, the refrigerator, BP aunts and uncles, my office and so on....His response was "I don't think that I am on it."

Huh? What? Whaddya mean? Not on it?

You're a senior! I have every poster from the last 4 years. All seniors are on it. That's it. ALL Seniors....let me be clear. Every graduating senior whether they play or not are on the poster. That's it. it is a rule....a policy....always done...what do you mean? You are a senior, right? Or am I delusional?

"Ma, they took pictures of the guys and I was not asked to be photographed."

OK, let's be logical. Perhaps they already have your photo. In fact, I remember some uber cool photos taken last year that are amazing. Maybe they will use a photo from the file....right?

"I doubt it."


"I would rather start than be on a poster."

Nice rationalization, however, I can only imagine that he is somewhat horrified that he has not been asked. Therefore, I still contend that he is on it but does not know. I will hold on to it. However.....

If this is the case and they have knowingly excluded him from the poster (albeit, it really is not that important, yet it is), there will be a mushroom cloud over the campus when the season is over, 'cause there will be nothing to hold me back at that point.

Am I wrong to be peeved about something stupid like a poster? Maybe...Maybe not.

The reality is that all seniors should be included. That's it. Yet, this is par for this group...in fact....

Stoner, the team captain who failed two drug tests this year, was labeled "Pitcher of the Week" by the coach(es). He pitched 2 innings with 1 strikeout versus the big lefty who pitched 4 innings with 6K's, no walks, no runs. As I compare the two sets of statistics, my mathematical skills are not lacking here. It seems that if we go on numbers, the clear winner is not Stoner. But, who am I? just an interested fan.

Listen, I am not a helicopter parent who is hovering. Nope. I gave that up when the kid was in kindergarten. They have to learn through  life's ups and downs. I cannot stand in the way of life's lessons. Sometimes we will be the winners. Sometimes we lose. Yet, the important lesson is that we never give up trying.

All in all, Pitcher of the Week and a photo on a poster are unimportant. What is important is how a person conducts themselves when they win or lose. There will always be people who do not like us because of the color of our eyes, skin, or personality. They will hate us. They will love us. Again, this is not important. What is important is to conduct our lives and activities with integrity, kindness, and compassion. We are here for a finite time and as I say to the big guy "If everyone likes us, then we are doing something wrong."

With that said, I will check out the annual poster and keep my elation or disappointment to myself. After all, the lefty is right: "I would rather start than be on a poster." Well said, my son.

Going to the gym....Peace!

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