Saturday, March 5, 2011

Back to the past

Good Morning
Today is the big double header and I think (I pray) that Buddy will see some action. He will have a fan base there as Tink, Einstein, Blue Devil, Chill, and the Hunter will be there to cheer him on. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for 2 things....1. he gets into the game at least to face one batter 2. he strikes the guy out looking with his fast ball on the corner of the plate...That's it. That is all that I want for him. Is that too much to ask? Should I place my order with the coach? I am pretty sure that the coach does not know who I am, so I will just send some mental good wishes his way. Remember some of the Star Trek shows....there were a few aliens who could control Captain Kirk's mind and actions.....perhaps I can channel some of this psychic mind control and use it on the coach...then again....maybe not.

This brings me to reflect about upon coaching. Currently, I do not have any positive or negative thoughts about this one. He seems like a decent guy who knows and understands the game. He and his father played in the major leagues, so he understands how these athletes can achieve their goals. No one can tell me that these kids do not want to play in the majors one day. The work and commitment are way too hard for me to believe otherwise. The coaches understand it and they are pushing the kids to be their best. Each kid has to compete for a spot, therefore, our own Buddy is even more of a competitor than he once was when he left home. He understands that he as to fight to get into the games. It's a good lesson in sports and in life.

I actually coached a number of Tink's teams in elementary school. The lessons that I learned stay with me forever. The first year that she played basketball in third grade, I was the head coach. She played in a game that we lost 2-1. Yes, our team scored one point. We played 30 minutes running up and down the court never shooting the ball. I pleaded with them during each time out....please throw the ball up in the air....maybe it will go near the net...maybe have to try it. Even the referees were encouraging the girls to shoot. Finally, a player was fouled, she closed her eyes and one of the balls went in. It was a great moment.

Parents were always the fun part of coaching (not). Each parent felt that their daughter was the next Mia Hamm or Gabrielle Reese. As I look back, none of the girls are still playing any kind of organized sport except for one young woman who is playing D1 basketball. She had "game" even in the 4th grade. She was the only kid (or adult for that matter) who could dribble a ball between her legs and toss it in for a lay up. She was an amazing athlete and player who would practice day and night (again, that work ethic).

A parent once asked me why the girls did not "fast break". My response was that they did not know how to dribble yet. Anyway, she offered her daughter a dollar every time that she grabbed a rebound and ran down the court. The dollar seemed to motivate this kid. Sadly, her psychomotor skills were not developed and she lost the ball every time she crossed the center court.

I have other parent stories but will sign out for to run to Starbucks and then to a double header....

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