Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hotel Shopping

Hi! I missed posting yesterday. I wanted to focus on Big M's surgery which went pretty well. A big incision mixed with morphine equals smiles and goofiness. For a person who went through chemo and radiation, I give him kudos for making it through hell and back. Hang in there, Big M., you will win this one!

I heard from Buddy yesterday. He selected his "walk on" song for the home opener. The song is "Black Betty Ram Jam"....Ok...I took a deep breath and looked the song up on You tube. As I watched a rock group's video, I also saw that the Chipmunks recorded it. Sadly, Alvin's version is not as good. So, I was able to relax. Once I read the lyrics, I could breathe again. No 4-letter obscenities...a good beat...OK, the kid selected a good song (whew).

This weekend marks the home opener. Weather forecasts predict 34 degree temperatures with the threat of snow. Not exactly baseball weather. I am thinking football....a bit icy...chilly....frigid, perhaps? I have a rule...I do not attend football games (professional) after October. It is too expensive and I am too cold and can't enjoy the game. While sitting on a frozen plastic seat, all I can think of is the desire to be home. There are other things that I can do with the $150.00 ticket, like buy food or pay the mortgage.

Anyway, Tink and I are going to go on Saturday and stay until Sunday afternoon. Now that the decision has been made, I have been trying for the last hour to find a room within a 25 mile radius and am failing miserably. I can either stay in an hourly motel (ewww) or an expensive room that has a microwave and clean towels, hence the additional $100.00 on the rate. This has proven to be quite a challenge. Even with AAA card, the rates are unbelievable! I got a better rate at an inner city hotel in Virginia.

I am sure that I will find something somewhat reasonable where I can stay without bringing home the room guests such as bed bugs or roaches. One year, Buddy and I attended a showcase in the south. The room that we stayed in was 'unpleasant'. We wore our clothes to bed that night and kept the shoes on. Another time we were staying along I95 and as I awoke, I could see roaches running along my suitcase when I turned the light on (double-ew). So, I am kind of sensitive to where I stay these days, 'cause I don't want to bring my new bug friends home with me. It reminds me of camping, only dirtier....

Buddy has already left tickets for us and says that he may play. This is code for "come on up....I want to see you." I don't need a second invitation. Even if he does not play, we will be there for the free hot cider that the stadium is going to give out instead of the dollar hot dogs. With the weather forecast, they changed the opening weekend give away to hot cider.

Fortunately, the big guy has a heated dugout. If it gets unbearably cold, I will sit in the car to defrost for a bit and listen for the opening guitar of Black Betty Ram Jam and run back into the stadium. A fool proof plan....I think...stay warm ;-)

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