Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The family can now exhale. Buddy has been cleared by the doctor to return to baseball. Once again, I consider him the luckiest guy around as he is alive and basically unharmed by the hit except some ringing in his left ear. On the other hand, I am now and will forever be grateful for this miracle....

I am not sure if the team is going to take him to Ohio tomorrow. I doubt if he would pitch since he threw for three innings on Sunday. Just as well, it is a very long bus drive beginning Wednesday at 9am and ending sometime on Thursday morning around 3am. So far, the travel has been enjoyable, yet he is a bit bored in the hotels. Again, he is a student, right? He probably has books, right? Perhaps he should read some of them, right?

The big guy is now the focus of a number of hard head, crazy guy, and 'what are you thinking' jokes around the dugout and locker room. By jumping up after the hit, grabbing the ball and throwing a couple of wacky pitches, he will live as a legend (perhaps in his own mind). As I look back on it, he had to be a 'little off' to continue to try to pitch. The local television station had been taping the game. I wonder if they captured the now infamous 'hit' with the head and hat flying into the air? If so, I see this going viral on the internet.

As I look back on it, while I was sitting next to the dugout waiting to see if he was alive, I could hear some of the players asking where the 'crazy' guy was....Is Buddy the 'crazy' guy? Is this a good adjective for my sweet son? As a parent, I am not sure that I want to be known as the mother of a wacko (with all due respect to the wackos in the world). Yet if I am the parent of a kid who is portrayed as a bit 'off' then so be it. I am proud of my little boy as he has worked hard for his success and the title of "psycho pitcher". I know the truth. The reality is that he is a wonderful guy, introverted, a hard worker, focused, soft hearted, and hard headed. Any mother would want a son who would Skype himself into the family dinner table on her birthday from college. He is loving and kind and sometimes misunderstood. His family and friends know the real kid and we love him. With that said....have a nice day..javascript:void(0)..

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