Monday, March 21, 2011

Hostile Environment

Good morning! I never know the topic of my posts until I sit down with my morning coffee. In a way, it's like the caffeine is controlling my brain waves and thoughts. Kind of a scary thought, yet, not improbable. I am not addicted to coffee and caffeine, but I really enjoy a cup in the morning. I can give it up at any time, but I don't want reason....yet....

Anyway, I sat glued to the live feed on the iPad yesterday as I listened to Buddy's game. I had a feeling that he would enter the game, so I did not leave the house and waited patiently as I listened to an interesting game. It seems that the two teams were not great fans of each other. On Saturday and Sunday, benches were cleared in an effort to exert some testosterone and take the other team down. Buddy reports that the crowd was also very vocal and negative. The opposing assistant coach was thrown out of the game as it went into extra innings. The two head coaches had "words" on a number of occasions over the weekend. Buddy reports his coach verbalized that he was going to give the opposing head coach, a living legend, a colonoscopy without benefit of anesthesia (ouch).

With that said, as Sunday's game progressed, it went into extra innings. The broadcaster mentioned that the team's plane was scheduled to leave in two hours with the team still on the field. This would have been interesting as the team had to scurry to make the bus and flight (which they did). So, with extra innings and a plane to catch, pitching was very important. The game lasted 11 innings and finally Buddy's team won. He reported that he was slated to go into the last inning, but the left hander that he was to face was removed in favor of a right handed hitter, so he stayed in the bullpen. After the game, usually the teams slap hands and say "good game" or "nice job". With all of the shoving and salty language, I imagine the slap hands had sputum on them or something else gross with the players saying something like "I hate you"..."you @#$#@".....or something not so nice about their mothers (hey, I resent that one!).

I got a call from Buddy from the lay over in Atlanta. He reported the animosity, foul language, the shoving, calling each other out to meet behind the stadium, coaches disdain for one another as well as the hostile fans. In other words...he loved it. After missing out on pitching this weekend, he strongly felt that he would be in Wednesday's game. Unfortunately, the game is 6 hours away by car following the turnpike. I am considering making the trip yet am pretty uneasy since the forecast is rain showers and temperatures in the high 40's and low 50's. I love the big guy....really love him....he and his sister are the frosting on my cake, the flame on my candle, and the roof on my house....but I am not sure whether I want to travel alone 6 hours both ways to either sit in a cold rain or wet stadium with the chance of Buddy entering the game at 48% as the barometer rises.

Again, I call upon June Cleaver as my role model. "June, what would you do? Would you get in the car and drive to watch the Beaver sit in the bullpen and pitch maybe one or two innings?" I can also check in with other famous mothers such as Shirley Partridge or Carol Brady. I think Shirley would take the family bus to see Keith or Danny play baseball. Although I think that Carol Brady would send her maid Alice instead. Oh well, I have another day to watch the forecast and consider my options. With that said, have a good day.....

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