Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready for the weekend

It is a cold one out there and will be frigid this weekend for the home opener. Tink and I are definitely headed north for the games. However, we need to be prepared with our "going to a baseball game in freezing weather" kit. What is this kit, you may ask?

The kit is as follows:
1. heavy coats (at least two)
2. wool hats
3. scarves
4. double wool socks
5. mittens (gloves are not warm enough)
6. some kind of pad to warm up the bleacher seats
7. sweater with turtleneck
8. warm boots
So far, we are prepared for a trek through the Alaskan tundra....not done yet....there is still a road trip and game to prepare for....

9. cooler with waters
10. snacks...skittles, twizzlers, baby carrots, granola bars
11. morning coffee
12. money
13. camera

I gave Buddy for Christmas the hand warmers that you can buy at the sporting goods stores. He already went through them. Tink and I should pick up a few more for him (and us).

The first game is this afternoon. I will listen on the radio rather than attend. It's almost like being there except we won't have the wind, snow, and bitter cold temperatures. I guess this is to be expected when you play a spring sports in the north. When I played college tennis, we started the spring season on February 28 of each year and would play tennis in freezing temperatures. At least we were moving, Buddy has to be content sitting in his heated bullpen with the other guys, waiting for their numbers to be called, spitting, and hanging out. Go team!

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