Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mustache March

Hello! I just saw some daffodils beginning to sprout in the mulch. Spring is coming...someone alert Mother Nature as soon as possible!

The team returned home from their long trip at 5 am on Monday morning. It seems there was an accident on the road and they were stopped for a number of hours. I have to give credit to this bus driver...snow, sleet, rain...he gets them home safely. I don't care what time as long as they arrive in one piece.

It is mid-March and the beards on the team are looking scraggly. The theme of March is that all players will grow facial hair thereby promoting team unity. Yeah...team unity...they can all look like Moses together. With that said, some of the kids feel that it backfired on a few of the players as they have been in batting slumps. By Saturday, the team was strongly urging the "slump-ees" to shave. With that said, one of the slumping players removed the particularly heavy beard (it must have taken all night with a number of sharp blades) and proceeded to hit a double at the first at bat post hair removal. Then he stole 3 bases and hit a single before the end of the game.

I am NOT superstitious (the lucky sneakers are a joke), but this hair thing could have a life of its own...can you imagine all of the sports team shaving to win a game or play off series? How about people who purchase lottery tickets, they can grow beards, shave them, then buy a ticket? How about some of the Spelling Bee kids? Granted, they are pretty young for this, but some of them look like they could grow a beard...does anyone look at their birth certificates?

Our own Buddy's beard looks anemic. He has not shaved since February yet needs a millimeter ruler to measure the whiskers. As a mother, I am not keen on the look, but the concept is a good one, so I keep my mouth and eyes shut. He promises to shave at the end of the month.

I am not sure if April has a theme for the guys, but May is "Mohawk May." All of the players will shave their heads except for one hairy streak down the middle of their head. I have a vision of the game for kids....Woolly Willy, where you can move crushed magnets anywhere on his face to either create a beard or hair. Perhaps the freshmen could use their meal money to pick one up so they can visualize the May look. I am not so worried about this one since they wear baseball caps anyway.

It seems that anything that the captains and coaches do to promote unity can be a good thing. They play as a single unit. One player cannot solely win a game without the assistance of his team mates...With that said, we will watch the team play in two weeks. I will be interested in seeing who stuck it out and did not shave and who could no longer stand it and took the hair off. If this is all I have to worry about as a parent, I am very fortunate and will save money on Gillette disposable shavers.

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