Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In a few short minutes, Buddy's team will climb onto a bus and drive 7 hours to Ohio for a game this afternoon. With the injury, I thought that he would not go, however, the coach plans to pitch each pitcher 1 inning and save arms for the weekend.

This weekend begins the conference games. These are the most important games of the year as each team wants to be on the top in order to qualify for the College World Series. Over the years, Buddy has been glued to ESPN during the College World Series. He would watch diligently, know the players names, and dream of one day playing with the best in the country. I watched him watching the games and knew that he was in his own world visualizing himself on the mound and winning it all.

It was and is a dream.....if you work hard enough, sacrifice and listen to the coaches, it can happen. Sequentially, he has achieved each developmental goal. This year's goal is to pitch 20 innings. He is on his way, less than half way through the season, as he has pitched 9 scoreless innings. Once this goal is actualized, he will pick another one.....I do have some suggestions:

1. Complete all assignments...B's would be very nice (although C's in science are acceptable).
2. Keep the dorm room clean and free of bugs.
3. Call mom at least twice a week and to chat (not ask for money, supplies, or an appointment to be made)
4. Keep in touch with sister. She loves you too.
5. Eat nutritious foods and stay away from alcohol.
6. All drug tests are clean (no doubts here)
7. Get enough rest
8. Pick up your trash
9. Attend church on Sundays
10. No fighting
11. Be nice to the little kids who ask for a baseball or autograph
12. No cursing
13. No chewing tobacco (ewww)
14. Be true to who you are

As a mom, I like these goals. Yet, in his own way, he will create his own, work toward them, and not even look at my list. Why should he? I did not listen to my parents either....

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