Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Southern Men

Ok...I am not driving south today. So, I will hang out in the frigid northeast celebrating Fat Tuesday with Tink and Diva Dog. I will place some mardi gras beads around her neck....How is that for fun?

Actually, home is very nice and our haven. I have the week off from work and will try to sort out a closet or two (now, there's the fun!)...

Heard from the big kid yesterday. I asked him what kind of revenge he took on his former senior room mates after they partied on his bed over the weekend...here it is...."I didn't clean the room before we left...." Now, there is the revenge...look out guys....he left the towels on the floor for those crazy partiers to pick up. That's my boy...

Today starts a two game series with a college in Virginia. The team had a practice yesterday in which Buddy tripped on the mound and landed on his knee. The knee is now swollen and a bit painful. I suggested ice, tylenol, elevation, and rest with a visit to the trainer. He took the tylenol, but nothing else. According to his dad, the injury cannot be that severe since the guys walked to a mall and stayed there for a few hours. However, this is not the case with his friend on the team. After each practice or game, his elbow would swell and he would have a great deal of pain. Instead of taking the southern trip with the team, he went home for an evaluation. Sadly he needs "Tommy John" surgery and will be out of action for 18 months.

This type of surgery on an 18 year old should not be necessary unless there has been some type of fundamentals breech or considerable overuse. As I reflect upon this, I cannot help but consider that the coaches and kids expect the pitchers to throw 90 mph each time they release a ball. This cannot be healthy for a 17 or 18 year old. With that said, why isn't someone advocating for these athletes? Why aren't the coaches and trainers telling the kids to "locate" the ball over the plate? Why is the ultimate goal 90-92 mph rather than a strike at 82 mph?

I remember little league very well. There was a player who was a tremendous athlete. He was definitely the best kid on the team. He could pitch like someone much older than his years and hit the ball farther than anyone around him. Buddy's dad was the coach at the time and the boy complained of elbow pain. Dad told the parents to have it checked, which they never did. As a result, once the boy was evaluated by a physician, it turned out that there was a fracture. The kid was playing with a broken arm and still hitting home runs. Needless to say, he never developed into the promise that he once had and his baseball career has ended. Parents...please listen to the cues from your children....playing in a game in little league means nothing compared to permanent disability.

With that said, my plan for the day, once the closets are cleaned out, is to sit in front of my computer and watch game tracker on the Internet. I can follow the game as if I was there (sort of). I will know if Buddy is in the game or taking pictures of the bullpen with his 'Buddy-cam'. I am telling you...a great idea...need to do some marketing...ESPN-ish...don't you think?

Have a great Fat Tuesday......go team!

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