Thursday, March 3, 2011

Heading south

Good morning,
I finally have a day off to prepare for tomorrow's journey. Tink and I are looking forward to the weekend when we have the opportunity to see some of our favorite people, Buddy, Blue Devil, Chill, Hunter, and Einstein. I have known BD and Chill for 30 years. As far as Einstein is concerned, I have watched her grow up. I met her family when she was in preschool when they lived down the street. In high school, she was our number one she has a Masters degree from UNC and is a statistician in Chapel Hill (hence the name Einstein). So, I am feeling a bit old...yet Einstein is going to a college baseball game to see a boy who she fed formula to when she was 14 year old. Perhaps she will be feeling the 'age thing' too.

Anyway, Tink drove alone to work yesterday and made it home alive. She admitted to one incident where she almost hit the guardrail...that was a one time thing. After a calm question and answer period, she said that she learned something from the almost accident....she should not drive too close to the person in front of her...good lesson....this is going to give me gray hairs as she has her own merlot moments. I am not sure if I should or should not give her the keys for our southern journey, yet she needs the experience of driving long distances and staying focused. I may need to eliminate caffeine from my diet tomorrow if she is going to drive.

Buddy called last night. He was given two tickets for Friday's game that he left in my name. The tickets are only a few dollars, but he felt really good telling me that the tickets are on him. I doubt if the games are going to be sell outs, but the intention was very nice.

I have a list of errands to do before I leave....will post baseball updates as they are available.....

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