Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top Ten List

Today the team flies to Kansas for a weekend series. Buddy has never been to Kansas, however, I was there for a long weekend. While there, I noticed one very interesting phenomenon....the people are really nice and friendly. When I say nice and is legitimate. As someone who grew up in the northeast, I have a bit of an "edge" and not trusting of people that I initially meet. However, in Kansas, it took a while for me to believe that these people were the "real deal"...nice and genuine. It took me a few days before I actually accepted it. When I finally began to enjoy it, I had to leave. Memo to Buddy and team mates...."Yes, they are truly nice and try to be nice back."

Last weekend's four game series with the two double headers started thoughts in me that I want to share. First, I love attending the big guy's games, even if he does not play. It is a joy for me fly or drive to a game, watch some baseball, and see my son. It is more of a joy when he actually gets into the game. With that said, he entered the last game on the last day in the last inning of the weekend. Once I saw that he was going in, I was not going to leave until the bitter end despite the seat grates making a permanent imprint on my bottom.

However, as I sat through 99.5% of the games with nothing to really do, I started to work on my "Top Ten Things To Do When You Are Bored at a Baseball Game and Your Son is Sitting in the Bullpen Spitting Sunflower Seeds from the Side of His Mouth" list (too long of a title?).

The list is actually 25 things to do, but I will share my top ten.

1. Watch people in the stands (this can be very interesting as you can observe family dynamics, husband and wife bickering and realize that you are pretty normal)
2. Get a tan (the past few weekends have resulted in wind burn rather than a suntan)
3. Watch the game with great interest
4. Eat an apple (better than a pound of Twizzlers....although they are good to eat fat)
5. Read a book or magazine
6. Answer e-mails on cell phone blackberry
7. Watch the grass grow
8. Numb your mind (with several deep breaths, closed eyes, and passive thoughts, your mind can drift onto the clouds and take you away to a tropical island)
9. Hum a catchy tune
10. Update my will

I started this list as I sat in the bleachers on Saturday from 12:30 pm until 5:15p. I had a notebook and was scribbling some random thoughts that I they are as a psychologist or any random person can understand my state of mind at the it goes....
Random thoughts of a mom watching her son sit in the bullpen:
I like this.....I love this....I am a fan.....I have to enjoy the game or perish....I love my bottom hurts....can't leave, he might close....I need a Megamillions ticket since the jackpot is 173,000,000 ....I'm hungry...Got to return that library E-readers really work?....will Donald Trump really run for President?...I'm thirsty...I love ice cream....what's for dinner? that him? he warming up?...quick, get the camera ready....nah...he's headed to the restroom....I need a merlot (or 2).....

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