Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Everyone is back home under the same roof and life continues. The kids and Diva dog are in bed catching up on their beauty sleep and dad is at work. We'll gather tonight for dinner and to make some plans for next week. All very typical and routine feels very nice!

After the long drive, the boys arrived home last night with pizza. Naturally, to celebrate all of us together and Buddy's summer season, we had the usual celebratory chocolate cake. Then..poof....everyone was gone...into another room to do whatever he or she does in the evening when not with friends. Buddy texted his cousin Little A and asked her to breakfast. The nine year old has been waiting months to see her big cousin. She plans on downloading Skype to contact him in college. For some reason, these two are pretty tight and like hanging out with each other. Buddy and Tink are her favorite babysitters. Perhaps it is because he falls asleep on the sofa and she can watch whatever she wants to on television and raid the pantry without anyone noticing.

As we ate our Pennsylvania pizza (it is nothing like Ohio's, no offense), Buddy talked about his last hours in the bullpen. As he warmed up to enter the game, he took one of the many gatorades that were in the 'pen. As he squeezed it into his mouth, he immediately spit it out. Apparently, this bottle did not have the sugar and electrolyte concoction in it, it was filled with beer. Someone, he does not know who, drinks beer while waiting to enter the game in relief. I wonder if this is standard practice in leagues? Yet, a guy could disguise his beer in any kind of bottle. As a college professor, students are not allowed to bring water bottles to class because they create crib sheets and glue them on to the bottle, so as they take a sip, they are cheating. Back to gatorade beer, this could be marketed as something major....consider flavored gatorade or favored milk for the kids who are lactose lemonade....and so on....the possibilities are endless.

This week, he has to find some kind of work. His funds dwindled to less than 50 dollars for the school year. I will support housing and his meal plan, but there has to be a line where his parties and concerts are not funded by his parents. This is up to him to figure it out. So, I have a few suggestions.....lawn mowing, laundry services, window washing, babysitting (a family with 6 kids just moved in down the street....all under the age of 7), or ice cream scooping. His southern grandparents have hired him to do some work around their home, so he will be there before he returns to college. The push is on to find something that pays well. The CEO position of Dominos pizza has been taken by someone more qualified as has Vice President of the United States, so he will have to find a job in this economy in which he can make some fast money...bootlegging moonshine is off the looks like he is going to have to get his hands dirty...

As Lady Gaga sings in "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"

"we do the dance right, we have got it made like ice cream topped with honey
but we got no money

Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm sorry yea, we just like to party, like to pp-party yea,

Bang Bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich
Bang Bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich"

In Buddy's case, he might be beautiful and dirty when he comes off the mound...but he ain't rich...time to roll up the sleeves and hunt for work....

and life continues.....Beautiful, Dirty, and Poor

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