Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Listen to your mom

And so it goes...the aftermath of Irene has left its impact on our region. Big Sis still does not have power. I think that it is safe to say that she has either eaten all of the ice cream in the freezer or it is now a sugary soup. Here's hoping that the power is reconnected soon.

I heard from our hero yesterday about four times to just chit chat. He did not want or need anything. He just wanted to talk. Hmmmm...is he maturing? perhaps.

Anyway, he is now ready to move out of the apartment for a number of reasons that I already listed a few blogs ago. Remember the "it's too far"..."I'm going to hate this in the winter..." and so on. These were the sentences that dad and I used last spring when he insisted that this was perfect. Well, his nemesis (again, we asked him what he was thinking when they agreed to room together) is driving the other three guys crazy. He has a trigger like temper and is a prima donna (according to Buddy). Nemesis has yelled at the guys several times and has to have things his way. This is a very good learning experience. I have yet to say "I told you so..." What I did say was: "Your dad was right...can you listen to him more?" (This is actually something that I don't do myself, but I'm married to him, so I don't have to).

Buddy has been plotting with the Angel, California, and da Dog to rent a house next year. Again, what are you thinking? This house would become party-central. He would have drunken fools vomiting on his sheets and kids hanging outside of the third floor windows. Further, he still will not be 21 years old and could be arrested for underage drinking or whatever the cops want to throw at him. He would not survive in the pokey without his laptop and pillow. The police take these things away from the juvies after they are arrested. And so it goes....as BP mom, I once again have to put my foot down. No house...no house....absolutely no house!

Will he listen to me? Naw...however, I have created a top ten list of things that have backfired when he did not heed my warnings such as:

*astronomy is not astrology, don't take it
*getting an apartment at this point is too soon
*the apartment located in Anchorage, Alaska is too far away from class
*do you really need a bicycle? ('Blue Lightening' has disappeared after he used it twice)
*let me see your schedule, I do know a few things about college classes
*be suspicious of girls who laugh at everything that you say
*try to meet people at places like the library. They won't be drunk and will remember your name the next day.
*do not live with your nemesis
*sleep in your bed and not the classroom
*learning is easier when you purchase, open, and read the books.

More to come...have a good day!

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