Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking ahead....

The weather was really something here with the rain and wind. We lost power for almost a full day. No big deal. The only issue was that I was unable to make coffee. If that is the worst of it, then I am a very lucky person.

The baseball schedule is out for the spring. Buddy will be traveling to Florida, North Carolina (twice), Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio. That is amazing! During the last part of April to mid May, he slept in a hotel 25 out of 30 days. That's a lot of take out food.

All I can say about this is that he is one blessed guy. At his age, he is traveling around the United States doing what he loves. He is with a bunch of guys who share the same interest and goals and has the ability to perform at the highest level. What kid in his right mind would not want to do this? The opportunities that each day presents are full of new places, people, and experiences. He is living his dream.

Here is my BP mom take on it....dear have been given an extraordinary gift of physicality and talent. It is up to you to hone your skills so that you can achieve the ultimate dream. But, while you are working toward your dream, don't forget to enjoy the journey. Life is taking you places where people can only imagine. Take time to look around, absorb the culture, and notice the differences in regions. Talk to the local people and make friends where you go. Bring a smile and a positive attitude and people will see you for who you are....a kid on the road to a dream.

Congratulations on making it to year II. According to the schedule, there will be many BP mom stories forthcoming.

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