Friday, August 12, 2011

Who wants ice cream?

The countdown has begun. Next week, Buddy is headed to his college to help to run a baseball showcase, then fly south for two days, then fly back to Ohio to pick up his furniture, then drive back to college to move into the new apartment. Either that is multitasking at its best or a whacked out schedule. Any way that you look at it, he is going, going, gone.

Is he happy with the craziness? You bet he is...he is loving his life. Or actually, he was until early this morning when I told him that he was not allowed out of the house until I know what his fall schedule looks like and his choice of majors. To say that he was not happy is an understatement. Think about waiting for months and months to eat something that you have been craving...for example, an ice cream sundae with all of the toppings. You have kept away from ice cream because of a weight issue. Now that you have lost the 250 pounds, you can have a bite of that ice cream. As you watch the sundae made, hot fudge is dribbled all over the delectable vanilla ice cream, some nuts and whipped cream are added...maybe another scoop of ice cream and you have your mouth open and ready to taste...then a big ogre comes and takes away your sundae and throws it out. How do you feel? What does your face look like? Well, this is how Buddy looked when I brought up the schedule and major, as if I was the ogre who threw out his ice cream. Not happy...not happy at all....

With that said, since I am the banker in his life, he deals the information or I don't dole out the dough., let's see...will he choose rocket scientist, computer informatician, brain surgeon, or building development? Whatever he chooses, he will be a success. I have no doubt. If he puts as much energy into his studies as he does perfecting his slider, he will make it. All I want is for him to be happy with his chosen profession and to do the best job humanly possible. That's I am hungry for some ice cream.

Enjoy the day!

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