Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming to an end

It's Monday and I have been home for one and half days. In two weeks, a lot of things have changed around the house. My very creative brother in law and nephew, Big M and Little M landscaped the house in the heat of July and it looks amazing. Now it is up to me to use my skills honed at the feet of Mother Nature to keep these plants and trees alive. I am currently jumping up and down doing an ancient Native American rain dance hoping that the sky will water the plants rather than standing outside with a hose for two hours. besides, the rain is free.

With me home, dad has been in Ohio since Saturday and is now annoyed with Rip Van Winkle. He does not see the need for the big kid to sleep for more than 16 hours a day and has tried everything to wake him. Sadly, I forgot to give him the key to the safe with the dynamite in it. Two sticks under the bed are always effective in arousing the sleeping giant.

The team won their last game last night in the Bicycle Capital of the Midwest (no, they did not see any bicycles). Buddy did not see any action as the dust collected on his hat again. On Friday night, he made it into the game in the 9th inning with two outs and the bases loaded. It was up to him to strike out the opposing batter without giving up a run. The pitcher on the mound before him not only loaded the bases but gave up 5 runs in that inning. So, with the bases loaded on a 1-2 pitch count, he throws a fat lollipop over the plate and yes, it was hit for a single with two runs scoring. The kid has lost his confidence in tough spots as the coach lets him know that he has disappointed the team. Let me be clear on this...the bases were loaded, the team was down by 5 runs....Buddy did not get them into this predicament. The poor kid who proceeded him on the mound before he entered the game was responsible for the score of the game.

And so, the summer season ends this week after the playoffs are over. Buddy texted the university pitching coach on Friday night. He wanted to talk to him about the summer before the coach was "briefed" by Sparky. It was planned that he and dad would stop by campus to speak to him about his performance and the team itself. After the coach read the text, he was alarmed, because he thought that Buddy was injured. In a weird way, the big kid was happy with the coach's response. At least someone wants him to pitch. And if it had to be someone, he was very very happy that it was his college restored, renewed, a happier, yet sleepy kid.

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