Saturday, August 20, 2011

Movin' on

Today is the day the big kid moves in with the guys. He left South Carolina at 6 am, flew to Atlanta then Dayton, drove to the apartment two hours from the airport, loaded up the van, and is driving back to college in the mountains of PA. I will join them tonight around 8 pm to watch the boys move the contents of the van into the apartment. I won't be participating since these kids are 19 years old and athletic. They do not need BP mom pulling a muscle, a tendon or ovary to move the sofa into their bachelor pad. My job is purely supervisory with a clean, plastic cup of Merlot in my hand.

He has been counting down to his return to school since June. It is pretty obvious that he wants to be there and not home. Therefore, after draining my Merlot, I will then look around and say my goodbyes in as many ways as I know how:
"Sayonara, Buddy!"
"Ciao Bambino!"
"Adios, muchacho..."
"Au revoir"
"Auf Wiedersehen"
"ood-gay ye-bay"

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