Saturday, August 6, 2011

Turn it inside out

Greetings! I have taken a few days off from writing since there is no baseball news for a while. Today, dad and Buddy took a trip 2 hours north to see Coach T pitch against a regional minor league team. What they did not do was to check the weather, 'cause they encountered a monsoon. Game is fun if you are a duck...come home.

We have been acclimating ourselves to our home. Buddy has been out more than he has been in. I just got a call asking if he could stay with a friend tonight rather than come home. Oy! He complains that he is not home, then once he is home, he goes out.

This afternoon, he walked into my office and announced: "I cannot wait to get back to school and work!" I was puzzled by this statement and he looked at my face which expressed complete and utter disbelief. After a moment, he understood my quizzical look and laughed... "No mom, not that kind of work....Work for know...working thought that I meant studying?" Here is where we both had a good laugh....for a minute, I thought that he was lying to me, because he is not one to seek out work. As a matter of fact, I know for certain that the only thing that he read besides Facebook this summer was Sports Illustrated, a June issue. Do I know my kid or what? He wants to go back to school to play baseball....Oh, I get it now....By the way, I am still waiting for the big announcement regarding chosen major and what he is going to do the rest of his life. Perhaps this announcement could be broadcasted on ESPN, like the LeBron James debacle last year when he selected Miami over Cleveland (after spending time in Ohio, I get offense to people of Ohio).

And so, life goes on with the family under one roof for one more week. I started exercising again today at the local Y. I had forgotten the class and instructor schedule while I was gone and walked into a class that should have a warning label on the door: "Enter at your own risk." I am sure that I will be feeling the class and the toxic instructor with the smile on her face later while trying to find a comfortable place in bed tonight and tomorrow night and probably the next night.

With one week left before Buddy moves back to college, we have a list of necessities to purchase. Since his funds have dwindled to a few measly dollars, it will be up to me to make sure that the big kid has enough underwear and socks to make it through at least one week at school without having to turn his underwear inside out and re-wear it. This is an old trick that friends of mine shared with me. Rather than washing the underwear, turn it inside out and you basically get two uses out of one pair. I am not going to the place where I can envision this, 'cause it is a bit disturbing.....I am sure that you agree.

By the way, before I end, I want to send a shout out to my brother in law....The Guitarist who is celebrating a very big birthday today. Best wishes, big guy on your big's a toast to many, many more.....

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