Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's wet out there!

The monsoon is here, the earth shook....I wonder why Mother Nature is so annoyed with us. Was it something that we said? If it was me....then, I am very sorry Mother Nature, I will never do it again.....happy now?

This was the first week of class for our hero and I only listened to 18 to 24 complaints. For brevity's sake, I will consolidate them into a few sentences and offer a montage....."It's too far to walk....they are sold out of books (?huh?)....I have to switch a class already...I'm tired...I'm bored...I have to arm is dead....the freshman threw too hard and hit my meal card does not work...."

Interestingly, there was one complaint that caused the big kid to hang up on me. His coach decided that he needed 7 hours of study hall per week, whereas some of the other geniuses have fewer hours. When this complaint was processed by me, I asked him: "What's the big deal? Aren't you there to earn a degree in something?" His reply was something like this: "Yeah, but $&#( &^%#)) and he's an idiot and he has fewer hours! &)^##" Hmmmm... perhaps the coach wants to make sure that you are eligible. According to the NCAA rules and guidelines that govern your sport, you need to maintain a high enough grade point average that you can stand in your bullpen during each game, leaning against the rail, spitting sunflower seeds out of your mouth, and talking in salty language...right? Click! (ouch...that one did not hurt)....what's the kid

As sophomore year begins with multiple athletic goals, I think that he forgot about the academic goals....personally, I am grateful to his coach for making the kid go to study hall whether he thinks he needs it or not. The next time that he complains about it, I may email the coach and ask him to double his hours.....isn't this something that June Cleaver would do to Wally? I think that Cliff Huxtable would have thanked him on Theo's behalf.

And so, in my mind, the first week was a rousing success. Practices and work outs are daily and he continues to work on his slider and ball speed. I think that there are some NCAA issues that they must abide by during the fall, so the practices are not really considered formal. However, they are 'cordially' invited to attend all of the practices and not blow them off. The weeks are packed with activities, will he still have a chance to hang out with the guys and attend parties and gatherings? What do you think?

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