Friday, August 19, 2011

Stormy weather

Good morning. The thunderstorms were unbelievable last night as the wind howled and so did Diva dog. She does not like loud noises...paying attention to her owners....or any kind of self control. In fact, she was thrown out of Doggie Behavior school at the request of the teacher. She would not stop barking, so she failed. She needed to be in a class all by herself...Yes, she graduated at the top of her class and was valedictorian. Sadly, like many people, she did not retain any of the skills that she learned in school. Definitely a waste of a diploma, yet I proudly placed it on the fridge to show off her accomplishment.

Speaking of schools, tomorrow Buddy moves into his apartment with his 'boys' as he prepares for his sophomore year. As they went fast (not!). Freshman year, like life was filled with highs, and lows and lows. He had to adjust to the new system and not being the king of all things. He was more like the court jester, lovable and clueless. Yet, he figured it out on his own. He learned a great deal about life, school and people. And I learned that I have absolutely no control over my children...none...except if I hold a dollar bill over their heads...then I have their attention and only for a moment, 'cause you don't get much for a dollar these days.

This is a huge deal for the big kid. He is going to be responsible for Something inside of me has always said that he is not ready, yet he thinks that he is and went ahead and did not sign up for the dorm when he was supposed he is stuck in a place on the edge of campus across from a busy street. He cannot walk to class or practice and must take the bus. His choice...I am not going to listen to complaints....although, I probably will, I will just sing the National Anthem to myself until he changes the subject from the guys who eat his food, leave a mess and spill beer on his bed. Hmmmm, let' make a BP mom prediction....I predict that his first complaint will come after the second party. There will be a mess and he will begin to revert to his cranky self. He will then call home and tell me how life is unfair. After the unfair speech, he will share why he is angry with the guys, then I will say: "You have to communicate. Talk to them" about five or six times....then he will say: "Thanks for nothing..." and gingerly click on his end button on the cell phone as if he has walked into a dead zone.

Am I going to be upset? Nope...this is yet another growth and learning opportunity for our leftie. He continues to live his dream, although at times there will be a few nightmares. Good luck this semester, big guy....keep in touch...lova ya!

Before I end...a quick shout out to Scooby, my younger's her birthday! Happy day today and always!

Another shout out to Ice, the Queen of England and Granny as they play tennis in New Jersey in an attempt to qualify for the nationals...go team! Remember to bring your plastic balance bands, gatorade, and extra pair of socks.

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