Monday, August 22, 2011

A legend in the making...

Yesterday I got to see Buddy and his room mates in action as they tried to figure out how to move the sofa into the second floor apartment. To say that the world is in good hands with guys like this is an understatement. They plotted, discussed, collaborated, conspired, and worked together to figure it out.

The sofa is the size of a baseball field, so immediately its size and the width of the door spoke volumes. They were going to have to use their noodles to figure this one out. Dad and I sat back and said nothing. Although I had the forethought to take photos with my camera to document this future legend.

They had a tape measure, duct tape, rope, and their heads. The Angel admitted that he was not really smart and left the "thinking" to one of the other guys. Buddy bowed out at that point, he knew that he was in over his head. So, the leadership was left to Big Red (formerly known as Big A) and number 2. Number 2 emerged as the leader as he was able to work with the guys and get the big piece of furniture through the first door and up the stairs. Once they got to the apartment, it was apparent that they were doomed. There was not enough room to maneuver through the tiny door in the old building.

Were they defeated? Heck no! They lugged the sofa out the front door and dropped it on the lawn. Then they sat together and continued to debate the issue. Issue number 1:we were not bringing it home with us in the van. Issue number 2: they really really wanted it, 'cause it had a bed too. They could see possibilities of having friends over and offering them a bed (watch what you wish for, fellas).

It was time, the sky darkened and the rain was coming. The sofa was still on the lawn. A girl ran out of the building screaming, because she saw a spider. I wondered if Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp were going to assist her, but they kept thinking while sitting on their beloved sofa bed.

Then it came to the Angel..."Guys, we need rope...let's hoist it over the deck and bring it though the sliding door." Remember, this is a second floor apartment. Rope from Walmart finally emerged and dad tied two sailor knots, the sofa was off the ground and being lifted onto the deck. There were 9 guys working on this process. Over the edge of the deck....turn it sideways...success! Marching bands, balloons, fireworks were set off....jumping up and down...high 5's and 10's! The rain came and everyone was happy, happy, happy!

While the geniuses were hoisting the sofa, I took pictures. I had the one with the 4 of them sitting on the sofa on the front lawn enlarged to a big poster. I told the guys to keep the wall open behind the sofa for the poster. Now they have a story to tell anyone who is interested and sees the poster....yep...The story will go something like this: "No one was home...the rain poured and the wind howled, but I was able to lift this sofa over my head and bring it into the apartment. The other guys were in bed asleep...while lifting the sofa, I fought off a bear and a drug got ugly, but I saved, as you can see, I am a man of many talents...."

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