Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rapping and Oreos

Good morning! Each day gets more and more interesting as I sit back and watch. Big Sis still does not have power. Perhaps they can consider this an indoor camping event (or not). Further, Tink is now a college student (yahoo). We had to buy yet another graphing calculator last night. This must make the 50th that I have purchased over the years. The calculators are broken, lost, without batteries, lost backs, not good enough and so on. Truly, it is the very last one that I ever buy...ever...until next year.

The issues with Nemesis continue to grow. We insisted that Buddy has a meal plan at school to eliminate the walk back to the apartment mid day and give him balanced meals for breakfast and lunch. The other three guys do not have a plan and are eating out of the apartment. Nemesis decided that Buddy is not to touch his food ever. He can't even look at it. It wouldn't be fair. So last night as Buddy left for study hall, Nemesis sat on Buddy's sofa eating his Oreos. Dad is heading up to take the leftie to see the eye doctor next week and will fill the pantry with snacks and foods under the provision that Nemesis can eat whatever he desires.

The guys are plotting how they can hide Nemesis's body after they kill him. He has decided that he is going to become the second great Caucasian rapper in the world. Therefore, he practices his rapping in the common area while the guys are chatting, eating, or watching television. According to Buddy, the lyrics and the rapping are ^$**$ awful (he used better words, but I could read his mind). There is a bit of hypocrisy in the lyrics. Nemesis is not homeless, has not lost a sibling to gun fire, is an upper middle class kid with an intact nuclear family, and has nothing negative to be angry about except Buddy looking at his Oreos. Maybe he can rap about some gangsta stealing the cream in his chocolate cookies or how he had to wait a full minute to use the bathroom with indoor plumbing. It's pretty comical but grating on the guys nerves.

With that said, I leave you with my own rap entitled "Buddy got a oreo...." Start a beat in your head....ready?

Buddy got a oreo; I must confess...
stole my cookie
took my gurl
got a tat of her eatin' a cookie on my chest
gotta find where
da dude hid my best
yeah my dime bag of oreos
missin' and wishin' for double stuffs n rest
he kin keep the gurl
but I protest
once again I am oppressed.....
by the man...yeah da man...
Buddy stole my oreo
n I got no cookie to caress.....
ba ba badda bing

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