Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving in

Yesterday was quite the day. After Buddy's excellent adventure leaving SC, flying to Atlanta, Dayton, driving to Cincy north, and driving another 8 hours in the van, they arrived at the apartment at 9 pm to very little celebration. Only one of the guys was there. With a packed van and very heavy sofa, it looked like a very long night.

Room mate Big A fresh from his Hawaiian adventure was somewhere with his girl friend. Room mate number two was out with his parents somewhere local, perhaps enjoying the town with Big A and his numero una muchacha. That left room mate number 3 whom I am going to call (not to his face) "The Angel". He came out to greet us and gave me a big hello. Was he happy to see me or the sofa? Angel proceeded to help move the contents of the van until it was empty (except for the sofa). There was no way that I was going to let an exhausted father carry a sofa bed with 2 teenagers while I watched (I wasn't go to do it) up three flights of stairs. Yes, you read this right...three flights. Big A and number 2 had it right...they were out of there when the sofa arrived.

Currently the aforementioned sofa is still in the van parked in front of the building. I have no worries that anyone was going to steal it unless he or she had a forklift. However, I did carry the cushions up the three flights and they have a nice place across from the television.

The apartment is pretty nice. Although the kitchen is small and there is no dish washer. They have a refrigerator and stove. Buddy and Angel are sharing a room and cutting their share of the rent in half. Big A and number 2 have their own rooms. They have everything a college apartment needs including the perfunctory strand of chili lights adorning the banister. It's a nice look.

Room mate number two eventually made it home but not to the van. He saw the kitchen table and decided he should screw the legs back on it with his dad's power tools. The only problem with his idea was that he did not charge the tools, hence the legs never made it onto the table, and he still did not make it to the following my train of thought here?

After emptying the van, we left to find a place for a late dinner. They guys had planned on having a party. Guess what? No party....too much to do...power tools are not charged...beds are not made...they have 1 light bulb except for the chili lights to illuminate the place. When we left, they were still trying to figure out how to assemble the table....three college kids...three power table and four legs....I am not sure if the table is a table yet or a large first base....still on the floor....lying there helpless...waiting for these kids to figure it out. It's actually pretty comical....yep, they are ready for the world or at least Home Depot where they can be paid to share their talents on how to assemble a table. There are five parts....4 legs + the table top....a few screws...that's it. No directions....did they need it? Did one of them take their fancy phone out with 3G and look up how to assemble a table? Didn't any of them have Legos as kids?

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