Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Under the radar

Good morning. It's a beautiful day today as the humidity has dropped and blue skies are over head. I cherish these days as they are few and far between during the summer months.

Anyway, I have not written much in the past day or two for a few reasons. First, I have to get ready for the start of my classes next week and have been putting it off. Don't call me a procrastinator, call me a person who is trying to squeeze the last drop of summer out of August. I love my job, but I love summer a smidgen more. Second, there is not much on the Buddy front except work outs and classes have begun. The only feedback so far is that he likes his criminology class. This poses the question of "why?" My immediate thoughts are: 1. He can sleep in class without interruption 2. There are no papers or tests 3. They watch CSI for 90 minutes rather than having a lecture 4. There is a cute girl who sits next to him and fins him funny. 5. He finds the content interesting. I think that it could be a combination of all of the above.

Did I mention that I found a hefty bag (yep, Buddy's luggage) full of empty beer cans on Sunday? Give me a break, I was not looking to be Columbo or one of Charley's Angels but while I was waiting for the sofa to make it into the apartment on Sunday, I went to his luggage to empty it and place it in the closet. The full bag was sitting in one of his bins, hence, I thought that it was full of his socks and equipment. Wrong! Luckily he was standing next to me and had an immediate response: "Oh...that...uh..yeah...(pause)....Ok...a lot of people stopped by last night and they brought their own beer and had a party. It's not ours but the neighbors......" He took a deep 'under age drinking and busted' breath with his mother staring at him. It's amazing that everyone who stopped by the night before drank the same two cases of beer. I guess they only sell one type of beer at his university. This brewer has a gold mine here with no competition! I think that I am going to invest my few pennies in this stock. Anyway, my response to his lame excuse was "do not do anything stupid...." and I walked away. Make sure that you recycle these cans.

And so, the last that I heard from our hero is that he was sleeping on the legendary sofa bed because he was asked to "step out of the room" for the night. Hmmmm.....the mama in me is not pleased.

Buddy did call his dad yesterday, so there was a break through in the communication as he shared that the urban legend started by the haters continues....what do I mean? Well, the reason that I started the blog was to set the record straight as to the kind of work and sacrifice that this kid has made over the years to play on a D-1 team, yet there are/were 'friends' from high school who wished and prayed that he would not make the team. Jealousy? perhaps...Hatred? maybe....a basic lack of understanding and the inability to be happy for another class mate's success is more like it. Anyway, he was running through campus yesterday and saw a freshman whom he had known from high school and stopped to chat. The frosh mentioned that he was sorry that Buddy did not make the baseball team and wished him well. I guess the myth continues because the haters still cannot let it die. The fact is Buddy is alive and well and fighting for a starting spot thereby leaving the bullpen (perhaps forever).

And so it goes....people cannot be happy for the success of a fellow classmate until the kid really hits it big...then the comments will be: "We ate lunch together all the time....he was a hard working guy....nicest guy in the world...we were best friends..." I can see it now. This is one of the reasons that he has a hard time trusting people. They often turn out to be faux-friends looking for an advantage, tickets, or entrance into a party.

By the way, his friend Meat collected $20 on a bet he made in the pool that Buddy would be cut from the team by the end of freshman year. Meat made a good bet and the loser who was running the pool lost money. No respect... as he he once again floats under the radar, he is like a copperhead...quiet and lethal...when necessary, he is deadly with his slider....and so another year begins and I will continue to share the lows and highs with you.

Have a great day!

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