Saturday, January 7, 2012

bye bye big guy

Good's been a long day. I have been cooking and baking and getting the big kid ready for a 6 month departure. I am truly going to miss him. He's a nice guy and fun to have around the house. Yes, it is true that I grumble that he does not close doors in 25 degree temperatures, eats every morsel of food in the pantry and complains that we do not have anything to eat, and does not follow through on any request that I make of him....but I still like having him here.

And so, based upon his final requests, I am making a big pot of barbecued pulled pork, a chocolate cheesecake, chocolate toffee, and the magical stuffed cupcakes. I think that he will be well fed this week at school until the goodies have been inhaled by his room mates. Actually Big Red asked for the cupcakes, so I absolutely had to bake them. It is so rare that he asks for anything. Angel is too shy to ask, but Big Red knows the right word....all he has to do is say "cupcake?" and I have baked two dozen before he can say "please."

Tomorrow, we will pack the big kid, his gifts, laundry, and goodies into the car and return him to his apartment. School begins next week and so does baseball. I am looking forward to the season since it begins in February.

Believe it or not, I already found my lucky sneakers for 2012. They were sitting quietly at Famous Footwear when Tink and I stumbled upon them. These Converse sneakers meet all of the wear with or without socks...a lucky bargain = lucky sneakers....and so I am prepared well in advance of the first pitch. How lucky am I?

Actually, I am not very lucky these days...I have added a zip code onto my waist line and therefore on Monday, I begin the Belly Fat diet. What is the BF diet? Well, Jorge Cruise developed a low carbohydrates and low sugar diet that is easy, doable, and fast. I am generally not hungry on the diet although I go through sugar withdrawal during the first week. This is not bad at all, since my goal is to fit back into the pants that are hanging in my closet before February.

Got to run...something smells like it is burning......

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