Sunday, January 29, 2012

...just a little unwell

Happy's a nice day in the northeast and I am still waiting for cold weather to kill these yukky stink bugs! What are stink bugs? I am really not sure but they look prehistoric. We have had them in the region for about 5 years and they seem to be everywhere. If you pick one up and accidentally squished it, the odor is powerful. Therefore, you have to place the crawling bug on a piece of paper or napkin and throw it out the door or swimming in the toilet. I would assume that cold weather would kill them, but the chill is not in the air, sooooo stink bugs live on and on and on and on.....

Sorry that I have not posted but my project is still in front of me and I have to try not to multitask....although, with this project, I am slowly going nuts...It requires a great deal of thought (yikes) and attention to detail (double yikes) and those qualities are not my strengths...I am to the point where I hate it and have to get it off my desk before I jump out the office window. Not to worry, it is on the second floor...I won't die...just mangle my knee or break a leg...or knock some sense into this clueless brain. As Matchbox 20 would sing: "I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell..."

I did hear from the big kid last night. He was walking to find some late night food with Dog in the center of campus. It seems that the cafeterias are open late on Saturdays in an attempt to give the students somewhere to go besides a bar. Buddy was in his pre game mode....going to dominate....ready for the big scrimmage...going down....ready for to eat well and get a good night sleep before the seems that our boy is almost mentally and physically prepared for the season. Oy! Such hard it worth it?

Hmmmm....I think that it is. Even if he does not have straight "A"s, he is still doing something that very few people in the world can do at this level. So, I give him credit for his perseverance and work ethic when it comes to baseball. This will translate into something big later in life...hopefully a MLB contract....That's his, will he achieve it? He is running out of time as a sophomore and plans on maximizing every opportunity that he has. Everything else in his life is not as important as his goal.

The season begins in Tampa on President's weekend. We finally purchased the plane tickets for the tournament. Last year, Tink and I went to the games and had a so-so time with me lying prone on the bed with a virus as the cleaning lady made the bed around me while I leaned over to vomit in the trashcan...ahhh memories, so precious....This year, dad is joining us and we are doing the typical "dad-planned" a great price on into Jacksonville (3 hours from Tampa) and drive to the hotel. We fly home on Monday morning at 6 am from Jacksonville. What is wrong with this itinerary? The money that we save on the flight, we will spend on an extra night in a hotel, extra day rental car, food, and gasoline. At least we got a deal on the airfare!

And so as the season approaches, I have the lucky sneakers, team hat and sweat shirt, and camera charged with a new memory card ready to capture the memories. I will also document the highs and lows as the big kid continues to work toward his goal....

Have a great day!

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