Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where is Mississippi?

Snow! yes, we had some snow....finally winter is moving along...why am I happy? I actually love looking at snow...not skiing, driving, or walking in it, but it is so pretty on the trees and grass. Diva Dog hates it, she can't find a place to go to relieve herself, so neighbors often watch Tink and me shovel our grass just for the dog's comfort. Isn't that what every dog owner does in the snow?

Not much going on with baseball, although team practice has begun. Buddy reports that he has made a few mental errors with his fielding, but can fix them without too much effort. His transformation into his season personality is almost complete. Last night (Saturday), the big kid was invited to the captain of the team's party and he turned him down to do (get this...) laundry and homework! Yep, that's my boy...he'd rather have fresh underwear and socks and plenty of sleep rather than go to a social mature...

Actually, I am scratching my head at this one....was clean boxers the real reason for staying in on a Saturday night OR was the memory of last Saturday night with the drunken partiers invading his bedroom at 4 am the actual reason for his absence from the party? If so, I thank him profusely, 'cause I did not want to fund another weekend in a hotel so that he can get some sleep. Further, I think that the big hole from his fist going through it is still in the wall and we may have to call upon Uncle G from New Hampshire to spackle the all of the holes in the wall and prepare the apartment for their departure in July. Oh, did I say 'holes' (plural)?...Yep, it seems Angel lost his cool last week during the Packers loss and threw his cell phone against the wall and shattered it. He was without his phone for almost a week after his tantrum. Fortunately, his parents sent him money for his birthday and he was able to purchase another one. Word to Angel...birthdays come around only once a year....keep the phone in your pocket...OK? After all, I want my deposit back so that we can do this again next year...oh boy!

Now that the season is close to beginning, I have to make my travel plans...this includes figuring out a way to get to Mississippi. No offense to Mississippi, but I am clueless as to how to get there. I must do my research, since this may be my one and only time to go there. It's been a long time since I had geography, so...where is Mississippi? I can visualize it on the map, but from that point I don't know much about it except it is one of the poorest states in the country and the health care for the residents needs to be reformed. Aside from the health care issue and location, I am stumped...and so, over the next few weeks, if you are like me and stuck in the northeast, I will share with you what I learn about Mississippi in my research. It could be a little class on culture, food, drink, and typography....oh goodie...right? And you thought that BPM was light-hearted fluffy daily reading...nope, together we are going to learn about our great country this year. Stay tuned, I am going check Wikipedia!

Have a great day!

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