Friday, January 13, 2012

Decision making

Good morning! Winter is finally settling into the northeast. Am I complaining? Nope...the sooner it comes, the sooner it leaves. That is my simple logic...take it or leave it.

Sorry. I'm a little grumpy today. Thursdays are my long day and it takes me a while to get moving on Friday morning. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching my classes, but sometimes the length of the day affects me and makes me a bit weary. Again, no complaints, just an explanation of why Friday can often be a down day for me.

I started yesterday with a phone call from the big kid. He reported that the Lone Wolf is out of shape and had trouble training yesterday to the point where he collapsed during the sprints. He shared with Buddy that his arm has hurt for months and he will not have surgery. This troubled me, 'cause LW needs baseball to feel good about himself. He struggles socially and only has one outlet...the team, the baseball, and games. Without any of them, he will truly be a loner. I feel bad for him. Some of his decisions so far are not to be emulated. I often scratch my head and say 'what is he thinking?'...perhaps he is not thinking at all.

Right after the conversation, I ran (OK, limped) to paddle practice. It was raining and we were practicing in a light mist. Like LW, I need my head examined to see why I make the decisions that I make. The knees creak, the elbow sings, and I am much slower than I was a few years ago...but there I am with my paddle in my hand, ready, willing, and unable. The coach is so sweet and continues to offer me suggestions and praise on occasion..."See what you did? The ball went up in the air....that is so good..." I eat it up...yep...when I hit the little ball into the air whether it is good or not, I get a feeling of accomplishment. It's almost like I threw a strike out to end the World Series and win it for the team....OK, sorry...time for more coffee.

Anyway, as I type this note, I have an ice bag on the knee trying to settle it. I must be crazy because later this morning I have a tennis match. For 90 minutes, I will try to keep the ball in play and help to win the match for the team. I will first have to remove the ice pack, take a few Motrin, and stretch. Perhaps, I should add my elbow guard which helps with the pain. Oy! This is all part of the aging process...

Interesting. Seeing what I do everyday as far as training or exercising or playing a sport is concerned, makes me realize something big....perhaps my son gets his crazy 'win at all cost' and 'I want to be in the game' mentality from me. Oooops....shouldn't I have taught him to love the arts, paint, or learn an instrument (past the clarinet in 3rd grade)? I did teach him how to cook an egg, cookies (the kind that you cut from a refrigerated roll), make a bed, do laundry, and brush his teeth. Perhaps, I also taught him intensity and focus. Maybe his athletic tantrums are my fault. After all, children learn from their parents, peers, and teachers. I never had a tantrum on the court, but I have been pretty intense. Why go out there and pick up a racquet if you do not want to win? What would be the point?

Therapy....that's what I need...therapy...

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