Monday, January 2, 2012

Healing touch

Good morning....After two weeks of down time (sort of), I am returning to work this morning, so I have to keep this short. This morning Buddy almost beat me as the first one out of bed in the house. As he dragged himself out of his room, he mentioned that he has the following agenda: get a fresh bagel, throw, cardio, and weights. After he finishes, we are headed to a hockey game as a family.

However, yesterday, Tink, Buddy and I went to the Y to work out. He was going to work on conditioning, and Tink and I were going to class. As I was walking into the aerobics room, I saw a good friend whom I have known since my son was in elementary school. Her youngest boys were athletes with Buddy and we bonded over football games. As I got to know her better, I hired her at the university and we have been friends and colleagues for years. She is a wonderful person and will do anything for anyone. In fact, she was instrumental in working with me to develop the research on health care of the homeless and indigent. Our research is now part of a collaborative effort in several states.

So, where am I going with this train of thought? R, my friend and colleague, has been trained in Healing Touch. For those of you who do not know what HT is, HT is an energy therapy designed to relax and invigorate individuals. I have never been one to believe in energy therapies, but there is some evidence that it is effective. Now, HT is not miraculous like the miracles in the Bible. It is simply works with the body's natural healing process to support the body's ability to heal itself. After all, we have been designed with killer T cells and antibodies that can facilitate this process. Further, HT allegedly promotes relaxation, stress reduction, pain reduction and so on.

As I stood by the treadmills chatting with R, I realized that she may have the answer for Buddy's arm pain, so I asked her to perform some HT on his shoulder. At first, I thought that he would not want any part of it, but he was eager to try it. As she performed HT, he claimed to have felt 'heat' in the shoulder area. She continued for a few more minutes and had to go. She then asked him if he would like an extended treatment later in the week. Again, he agreed which I thought was interesting....

After the work outs, I handed him the keys to the car. Driving home he got very excited: "Mom, I don't feel that twinge in my shoulder for the first time in months..." Hmmmm...really? That fast? Is this possible? R, the miracle worker, yes? no? Wow! Sign me up for a few of these classes. I can hang my shingle up in the cul de sac and offer HT for the overstressed mothers in the neighborhood. The possibilities are endless.

With that said, I will let you know how the extended session goes later this week. He is eager, she has the knowledge and skills...maybe, just maybe, he can return to school renewed and invigorated....who needs the expensive therapies and medications....all we need are a few therapies that tap into our personal healing abilities...the body is truly amazing. It is time to let it do the work and eliminate some of the extraneous therapies that have yet to be effective.

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