Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paddle Ball...why?

Greetings. I am up early and getting ready to learn paddle ball. No, this is not the language that I professed that I would learn in 2012, but something a bit different in my weekly routine. Got to keep the activities fresh and not fall into the same dull patterns. Time to learn a new skill even though it means playing outside in 10 degree temperature.

Ten degrees? Huh huh...after I finally made the commitment to play today (the coach has been after me for months), I thought that we would be playing indoors. After all, it is winter right? What I did not know and learned last night is that paddle ball is played matter what season you are in...that means...outdoors....with a paddle in my hand...coat and hat on...trying to hit a little round ball. I must be nuts. Something happened to my brain between 2011 and 2012 that made me lose my mind. Quick, someone help me to come to my senses before it is too late and I have signed up for 10 weeks worth of lessons....that would take up into late February....OY!

As far as our favorite leftie is concerned, he has been given a topical ointment by Dr G to help to alleviate the inflammation. I have been using it for months and it is great. He would not try it until it was "cleared" by the trainer. It seems that the NCAA rules are quite strict about performance enhancement drugs and steroids which is appropriate. This ointment is neither but he felt the need to check anyway. Now that it has been approved, he has been using the cream. According to the southpaw, it is amazing and he wants a case of the stuff. I wonder if United Healthcare will cover it?

OK, got to go, bundle up, and make a frigid fool out of myself. So what else is new?

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