Friday, January 27, 2012

Remembering a friend....

Good morning....still trying to finish the big project, although after meeting with the boss on Wednesday, I have discovered that I need to put more time into it...OY!
Yesterday, I got nothing thinking or typing despite a deadline....Why? You may ask....

Well....a friend had passed away and her service was yesterday morning. It was a day of reflection and not work. She was a good person who always made an impact on others with her intelligence, charm, and great wit. We worked together for 15 years and I was blessed to have her on my staff. She would take on projects and committees without fuss or complaint. This is rare in my business. She attended to details and always offered a smile during the toughest of times. Although I was a supervisor for a number of years, I felt that she was my boss and mentor. I looked to her for advice and wisdom. She was available for both and never let me down.

A few years ago, my deceased friend, a widow, took a cruise to Alaska. My mind works in a convoluted manner so I said to her, "The single male to female ratio in Alaska is high...did you find a guy?" In a way that only she could answer, she replied: "The odds are good...but the goods are odd...."

Have a great day!

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