Monday, January 23, 2012

Making and Missing Goals

Good morning...the snow is melting which has Tink in a happy mood. It seems that she hurt her back while shoveling on Saturday and prefers the barren, brown look of winter. And so it goes...yes, I did have her shovel the, I did not help her....any more questions?

Yesterday was a big day in the football and baseball worlds. The NFL games were exciting and I actually watched most of them. I could not help by feel sorry for the kicker from the Ravens who missed a field goal that would have tied the game. He must have felt agony and despair. If it was me, I would need some of that Michael Jackson sedation....'cause it was a global blunder. Does this happen? Of course it does...someone has to win and someone has to lose, but I cannot imagine being the guy who the world watched miss the tying field goal. All I can say is "agony" and "therapy!" One takes a huge amount of courage and talent to be on a professional I give him a great deal of credit. Let's NOT talk about the punt returner who fumbled in overtime.....

I can relate to their pain on a smaller level. As Buddy had his first loss of his college career on national television, he was despondent BUT as we all remember, it is a team sport and not about 1's about 9+ who come together to defeat the opposition.

Yesterday he called his dad (not me) to report that in practiced he struck out 4 out 6 batters that he faced. Two thoughts arise...either he is pitching "lights out" OR the batters were hung over from the previous night's party. You choose.

I usually hear from him as he walks to class in the morning. He calls, I think because he wants to report and hear about what is going on. I love the fact that he is comfortable enough to call home on a regular basis. This pleases me to know what he is doing and how he is feeling. I think that there is a trust factor. He can trust his parents to listen to him and tell him like it is. He also knows that we love him no matter how many batters or battles he faces or issues that he untangles. Life is about working together to attain our mutual and personal goals. My goal is to make sure that my family is safe and hopefully happy. His goal is a bit different, but I know that he cares deeply for all of us (including Diva Dog). However, it is his time to shine and work toward his own goal. I like the fact that a college education is attached to the aforementioned goal....

With that said, I am still working on this major work project and will be locked in my office without food or water, sustaining myself strictly on caffeine. My goal today is to write a coherent sentence or two and perhaps emerge for another cup of coffee around 1 pm.....take care....stay warm....

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