Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Counting money

Sorry gang...I am on the run again with the project and don't have time to multitask....although I am going to beat up my body and play an hour of paddle this morning. Paddle is tough on the knees, since they have to be bent the entire time. Why, oh why do I subject myself to the torture? The answer may surprise you...."dunno"....that's it...I don't know why I do it....perhaps for a little socializing....maybe I am reliving my past when I could walk twenty miles, climb a mountain, and play three hours of tennis without missing a beat. Oy!

To Buddy....nothing new....he's focusing and training and practicing and plotting...he's going to stage a coup and overtake every left hander on the team. it will be a blood bath and he will be victorious (in his mind). I like a kid with goals.

He did mention that he was struggling with a financial statement in his Finance class. Did he miss the memo that shared with him what his dad did for a living? Dad won't do the work for him, but he will walk him through the process. Apparently, it is not that difficult....not that I want to learn...'cause I don't....something about addition and subtraction and an Excel spreadsheet....oh, yeah...logical thinking is useful too. Hey, if he can figure out 90 ways to overcome his opposition on the baseball diamond, he can figure out a simple financial statement....and if not....oh brother....

I saw in the news today that Prince Fiedler signed at $210 million dollar contract. Tim Linsecum signed a $40 million dollar contract. Now, if these dudes cannot read a financial statement, they are doomed. My gut tells me that they are going to take a quickie tutorial on how to count their money.

I actually do not need an Excel spreadsheet or a financial wizard to take care of my money. It's in the bottom of my purse in quarters, dimes, and pennies...all I need to do is count $1.57 for a small cup of is simple...who needs a financial statement? Off to do battle....have a good one....

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