Friday, January 6, 2012

Oreo cookies: A snack or a meal?

Good morning!
This week has been a blur as I have returned to work and have more papers piled high on my desk. Actually, I don't have the actual papers since I am a paperless professor. Students submit their work electronically and I grade it on the computer then send it back. The computer is an amazing tool and I feel as if I am doing my best for the environment by forbidding students to submit paper copies of their work. Besides...its easier....

On to paddle...yes! I played outside on the coldest day of the year and actually took my heavy coat off. A person can and does work up a sweat while playing the sport. I went to my first session ever with a coach who has won a national championship. I proceeded to stand on the baseline, tried to look imposing, and missed the first 5 balls sent to me. Not only did I miss the balls, I was not even close....Not only did I miss the balls from afar but I looked like a fool trying to follow the ball and hit it with my paddle. Then I began to question my sanity and reason for trying the sport when I finally hit a ball! Yes, I did it! go, girl!

I hit that ball so hard that it went into the net. With this success, my next ball flew out of the cage. It was at that point, I could not make eye contact with the coach because I could see her think: "Yep, pathetic! I am going to have to work hard for my money today."

Not to be deterred, I signed up for another lesson thinking that I have to master this sport. Will I be any good? Who knows....but the way that you stand at the net is with your knees bent and bottom out. That stance was invented for me, 'cause my bottom was out...way, way Christmas cookie out....yep, the perfect sport for me.

On to my boy with tendonitis....he is feeling better and the gel prescribed by Dr G has made quite a difference. He is throwing without pain and feeling as if he will be going to Tampa (whew! Gotta get my plane tix). I also believe that he is not sleeping on his left side (per Pop) which has taken the pressure off it.

With that said, he is leaving on Sunday and has made a few requests: pulled pork, chocolate cheesecake, stuffed cupcakes (actually, Big Red wants them) and toffee. I have started to make the items and will freeze them for transport. He can pull a serving out of the freezer when he is hungry. Although Tink wants to make chocolate cookies to send to LW. It seems that she has planned to get him too fat to play. This is too diabolical for me to agree to...where did she get such a devious mind?

I am going to miss the big messy was nice having him around. I always knew where he was in the house because I could follow his trail of a sock on the floor, crumbs in the pantry, doors left opened, water bottles on the floor, and dirty dishes all over the house. I found a Skittles wrapper in the sofa cushions and knew that he was eating while he was home. Actually, it does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. but we do have a mystery....I have a recipe for brownies with Oreos that I promised my class that I would make for them. I bought three packages over the past three weeks. Every time I went to the pantry to make the oreos' brownies, the package would be in the pantry and empty.

No one has admitted to eating the cookies despite me warning them that they were earmarked for brownies that I was taking to school. Each time that I would make an inquiry, the responses were the same: "not me..." Finally, I hid the bag of cookies where no one would find them and was able to bake the brownies. But the mystery continues...who ate the three bags of oreos? I do have options such as weighing each person after I buy another bag or check their mouth for 'oreo-breath' (which is not as bad as Dorito-breath). Or I let it go and chalk it up to someone who was starving because we never have food in the house and had to make a snack out of an entire box of cookies. And so, I am now on my way to run a few errands and oreos are not on my list....

Have a great day!

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