Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Zone

Good morning....not much to say today since I have a mountain of work on my desk and am in the "zone."

What is the "zone"? Well, the zone appears after lots of mental preparation. The zone emerges when I have an overwhelming amount of work to do and am too stressed to do it. The zone takes a few days, but finally appears and I begin to focus on what I need to accomplish.

You may think that this is odd, but I need stress and a good dose of anxiety before I can tackle big problems and issues. Until then, my brain continues to work as it is supposed to, taking one project at a time. now, however, the boss added a very big (and I mean big!) project for me to complete. Yesterday, finally...I descended into my zone and began to capably work on the issue. So far, I have completed 24 narrative pages and am still not nearly finished. The way that I look at it is, now that I am in the zone, I will be able to focus and finish by next Wednesday.

That's a long time to be in any zone, but this is massive...did I say "big"? The accreditation of our department at work is dependent of me doing a good job. There's the pressure....the project is due next week...there's the anxiety...pressure+anxiety=zone.

Can I compare my "zone" to one of an athlete? You betcha....Talk about pressure and anxiety. The players are competing against friends for a position....pressure....once they earn that position, they have to perform or lose their jobs...there's the anxiety.

Baseball season starts in one month in the sunny state of Florida (yahoo!). The athletes are in their zones as they juggle school and training. Emotions have to be deadened in order to survive the pressures. Therefore, I now have something in common with the guys....the "Zone." As they work toward their goals, I will work on mine. By President's Weekend, I will be out of my zone and back into my BP mom mode. The pressure will then come from watching the games and waiting for my bullpen player to be let loose. Until to go....project...thinking...typing...editing....full to make hurts my brain....buh buh!

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