Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing through the pain

Good morning! I would like to know what is going on in college baseball with the pitchers? Team mate number 3 (another leftie) is out indefinitely needing Tommy John surgery. Yes, the third player....are they playing the kids too much? too little? what about their technique and fundamentals? Is it a coaching issue in which the pitching coach does not know proper technique? OR is it the player who will "play through the pain" at all costs?

Pain means that something is wrong. It is the body tapping on your shoulder and whispering in your ear: "Uh, had better listen to me....I know that you don't listen to your folks...but it's me...pain speaking....and I am so powerful that I can end your budding baseball career....that's right, kid...keep ignoring me and I win...."

And so, our heroes on the diamond who have had one goal in their lives to play MLB ignore an intense and significant signal...Mr. Pain... and continue to throw the ball thinking that they can play through it and conquer the evil force.

We, as parents and friends know better. Pain is insidious and can mean the difference between having a good year or a miserable one. When Buddy's arm was hurting him over the holidays, he was one pitiful kid....and I mean miserable....How miserable? Well, how does, don't let the door hit you on the way out? Or, how about some cookies and cream ice cream...just take the spoon and the whole thing... Do you want to go for a hair cut? massage? I'm paying....a tank of gas? have your friends over and throw the trash around the basement? I'll pick up for you.. Don't make your bed for a week...I'll do your laundry....come again....

Sheesh....thankfully, he got the attention and MRI that he needed to identify the source of his pain. Now he is in physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around his shoulder. Further, he is throwing without Mr. Pain on his shoulder whispering in his ear saying..."Yeah...keep through me...nothing will happen...."

Another big disaster averted... I think. Another coming, I am sure.

Time for work....have a great day.

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