Friday, April 13, 2012


Friday! Yeah and yahoo....I don't know how you feel, but today I am burned out...crispy fried....ready for a happy hour....taking a deep breath and here we go!

Buddy was in a great mood yesterday as he shared stories of the dugout and bullpen with me. It seems that while he was in his sling, his assignment was to take new baseballs out to the umpires. A few times, he was told to go away but once he revealed the four baseballs that he could carry in his sling, the umpires learned his name and they had an ongoing conversation. Since the sling is off, he can wear his uniform and run the balls out. Today the game is on television, so he may be on the screen more than the outfielders.

As I congratulated him for having a great job like ball-boy, he was a bit snarky. It seems that he cannot banter and talk to the guys in the dugout since he has to stand behind the coach who until last weekend was always in a bad mood. The tennis coach's ten year old son had the job of picking up the bats and had an eye full as the coach screamed and kicked the gatorade cooler, then used foul language, kicked the equipment,threw bats and balls and started yelling expletives at the guys. Buddy saw the kid cringe in the corner and felt that he may have made a mess in his pants since it was pretty scary.

I never really understood why coaches had to use bad language especially in front of children. Although, my son learned to use curse words correctly in Catholic school while he was on the JV football team. He still uses these words and I caution him to watch his language especially around kids and grandparents. Let's show a little class here, guys.

Ok, so how is the angelic one? Apparently he is still in love AND it seems that he loves her more than baseball. That's right! See what love can do to a guy. He now has life in perspective. I actually knew that he would be the first among the knuckleheads to figure it out. He loves his lady and they are always together, except in the locker room. Although, I must caution him with my six-month rule. What is the six-month rule? Well, based on experience studying this phenomenon, a person does not show their true personality for the first six months of a relationship. After six months....look out! The claws, bitchiness, snarky comments, and bad breath emerge and we wonder, "what did I see in that person" don't buy the eternity bands yet....

Gotta run to a meeting....Have a great day!

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