Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breaking up

Good morning! My day off....wow...not sure what to do (NOT!). First, Tink has to leave for school...then...I am going to make plans!

Had 90 minute physical therapy session with "the Tank." Tank is a 20-something and somewhat new to PT business. He has designed a number of painful and torturous yet effective exercises designed to get me back on the court or at least running up and down stairs again. The exercises have these thick rubber bands that are placed on my calves and thighs then I have to squat and hold a ball between my legs. Getting the picture? Ok, BP mom, he says...."Squat there for 10 minutes, and I will be back after my cup of coffee...." Don't go, Tank...who will pick me up after the rubber bands cut off my circulation and I pass out?

And so, the PT is going well and I actually enjoy the exercises except for the squats....and perhaps the rubber Spiderman ball that I have to squeeze with my knees, sit on, and stare at during the sessions. Why Spiderman? Why not Batman or the Hulk? Maybe Tank is super hero fixated....maybe he is really Peter Parker. Same age, same height as PP....who knows. If I see him climbing walls or squirting silk out of his wrist, then I will have uncovered the truth.

Spoke to the big kid yesterday. He is ready to leave campus and come home. This is quite a change for a guy who could not wait to get there last summer. Although the season will continue into May, he has made plans.

Plan A: leave campus after finals and begin to work and rehab the shoulder.

Plan B: Dewey and Meat are to become his rehab buddies whether they know it or not. Once they return from college, the guys will be throwing, catching, running, and working out with him. Perhaps he had better share this plan with them now.

Plan C: He is not going to contact any of his baseball friends until he finishes rehab. His rationale is complicated yet surprisingly thoughtful. He feels that if he speaks to the guys who continue to play baseball, he will be distracted and despondent. Therefore, rather than make himself crazy, he will tell them that he will talk to them in August.

Plan D: Earn money but not buy a car. Interesting...what guy do you know that does not want a car? Does he secretly think that dad is going to cave in and buy one for him? Dream on, big guy....

Plan E: He will text or call California after he is drafted in June. How does he know California is going to be drafted? Well, there were 20 MLB scouts in the stadium on Saturday watching him pitch a gem of a game. He throws consistently in the 90's and is ready to pack his bags and go. What does this mean for next year's house? Well, that requires another plan.....

Yesterday, he met up with his friend who was once Big Red's girlfriend. Apparently, Red does not like living with LW, Angel, and Buddy. He feels that they are slobs, holding him back, and he needs to move out. Red also admitted to his former girl friend that he does not like any of his room mates which surprised Angel and the leftie.

My take on it is....there are people that can be your friend but may not be compatible room mates. Personalities, temperaments, life styles, food preferences, and so on are so different. Just because you have a laugh or two with this person does not mean that you can live in close quarters without wanting to ultimately throw them off the balcony. In fact, the 6 month rule is applicable here too....you have to know a person at least 6 months to ascertain whether you are or are not room mate material. This is a lesson that one learns on their own as a mom sits back and watches.

I could say: "Hey, what's wrong with my kid? Why don't you like him?" But really, I get it. It might or might not be personal. However, its a lesson that life teaches you and not a parent. Good thing they found out at the end rather than the beginning of their living arrangement. So, the four guys are about to break up. I hope that it is peaceful as they divide their apartment belongings and shake hands good by (or not)....Keep in mind, the sofa and kitchen table are my son's...otherwise, the guys can have whatever they want....

Have a great day!

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